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/ Series / I didn’t ask to be the Demon Queen
I didn’t ask to be the Demon Queen
I didn’t ask to be the Demon Queen
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4.3 (314 ratings)
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After an accident involving a truck, Liz wakes up in a world she once thought existed only a video game, as the Evil Dragon Demon Queen no less. She has no idea what to do, where she is, or what's going on. She's not the brightest, or the bravest, the coolest or the most cunning. But she cares, deeply, truly and powerfully, and she's not stopping until she's done everything she can for everyone who needs it.

Demon Queen is a love letter to fantasy, and a damning indictment of how we don't question a lot of fantasy tropes.

It's also a story about accepting yourself, seeing your flaws for what they are and what they aren't, about vulnerability as a superpower.

It's a story about being trans, about what it means to not know who you are when all you've known is denial and fear.

It's also a story about queer love, about non-traditional relationships, and about expressing your affection to your loved ones without reservation.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiRomanceSupernatural
Appearance Changes Awkward Protagonist Based on a Video Game Beautiful Female Lead Charismatic Protagonist Demon Lord Demons Dense Protagonist Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female to Male Game Elements Love Interest Falls in Love First Male to Female Monster Girls Mythical Beasts Parody Reincarnated into a Game World Reincarnated into Another World RPG Succubus Transgender Villainess Noble Girls
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    Status: chapter 1: unskippable

    A story with a lovable and relate able protagonist. Not your typical power fantasy or wish fulfillment. Maybe a more honest tale of a good person in a fantastical situation.

    I love this story, these characters and the quality of authorial voice so much.   

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 27: gameplay guide

    What's this? An rpg-based isekai novel that doesn't leave the MC overly powerful or as a total underdog and rather allows them a reasonable chance of finding themself with the help of their new friends? Nice!

    I love how the narrative spreads out, occasionally leaving the first person view of the new Demon Queen to shine some light on the wellbeing and character development of those who are deemed antagonists. I don't see this very often and enjoy it greatly. Additionally, the wonderful writing style, the quite fresh element of double-isekai, multiple authentic transgender-related experiences, word-wittiness, and a wonderful world-building make the story all around a highly recommendable experience.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 14: turn-based combat

    Decent writing, fun characters, but main character is (intentionally) useless in many situations. Which kind of damages my ability to do either of the things I do to enjoy these kind of stories (self insert, or rooting for the main character). Of the two I have to choose the latter for obvious reasons and it’s difficult to root for someone who doesn’t seem willing to better themselves. That’s my only gripe though, so 4/5. Would recommend to people of similar character.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 18: Split Party

    It's a Mobius Double Reacharound Isekai!
    A truly rare variety of Isekai! :O

    Queen Liz is precious bebi, and I love reading what Eliza is up to in the human realm of technology! :3c

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 68: the end

    This story is really good. As a Demon Lord, I appreciated the demonic shenanigans. As a lesbian, the gay mushiness made me squeal. And the trans genderfeels... oof. OOF. No punches pulled, yet also really hopeful.

    Yuppers, this is some top quality isekai right here. Stop reading this review and go read the story. Trust me, you'll enjoy it.

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    3 Likes · Like

    I decided to update my review after the last couple of chapters were released. This story is f**king astounding. When it is finished it deserves to be released as a hard copy one day. It got me to feel so many things and some massive portions of it just left me awestruck. The way Elamimax describes things can only be described as artful. As someone who has serious trouble imagining things, her descriptions paint amazing ideas. I can't describe it any better. She has an amazing way with words and I'm so excited to see where this story goes.
    Unedited below:
    I Didn't Ask To Be The Demon Queen is by far the best isekai story I've read. The characters are likeable and interesting, the writing is fantastic (as one can expect from this author), it's funny and sweet and makes me feel all sorts of emotions. It's so much fun. Let me hug all of the characters. Please Elamimax, they are all so good!

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: intermezzo and cliffhanger

    This story was another eye-opener story for me on this site. It introduced me to an fantasy world in which the main character did not turn to violence at every single turn like most stories do. It was an eye opener in that there can be alternative ways of resolving conflicts.

    I rather enjoyed the story up to after they left the forest, after that point I had a bit of a harder time with some aspects of the story and wish there was a more longer focus on some aspects. Mind you the story is good all the way up to the end but post forest I got thrown out a bit and had to take it a bit slower.

    Speaking of the forest... the author did an excellent job of spooking the f**k out of me during some sequence in the forest, to the point where I was at 2am going welp... time to turn on every single light in my apartment and proceed to no-sleep.

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