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/ Series / A Rules Lawyer Stuck In A Literal RPG
A Rules Lawyer Stuck In A Literal RPG
A Rules Lawyer Stuck In A Literal RPG
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This is the story of Andrew, a rules lawyer and power gamer who finds himself trapped inside a literal RPG world. He applies his extensive knowledge of the game's systems to build an extremely powerful, yet unconventional character. However, Andrew struggles to reconcile his tendency to "munchkin" the rules with his desire to avoid truly unethical behavior. Together with his familiar Miriam, an initially adversarial mirror imp, Andrew adventures while navigating moral dilemmas related to exploiting mechanics for personal gain. His goal is to avoid trouble and live a comfortable life, except that his talents at breaking the game do not go unnoticed, thus drawing the attention of forces that wish to use him to further their own dark agendas.

Overall the book explores themes of ethical gaming, the nature of identity and consciousness, and retaining one's humanity when tempted by god mode.

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Average-looking Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Clever Protagonist Clones Crafting Dungeons Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Healers Invisibility RPG
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