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/ Series / The Saga of Keres – Book 1: The Unseen City [Fantasy + Steampunk + Fighting + Kaijus + Magic vs. Science]
The Saga of Keres – Book 1: The Unseen City [Fantasy + Steampunk + Fighting + Kaijus + Magic vs. Science]
The Saga of Keres – Book 1: The Unseen City [Fantasy + Steampunk + Fighting + Kaijus + Magic vs. Science]
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I'll be publishing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll be back with 3-times a 3-times-a-week for Book 2. (Available on Royal Road and Scribblehub)

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1897, as the world teeters on the edge of war, Völundr, Ambassador of the Society of Nations, gathers a diverse cast of individuals with extraordinary abilities. Steve, a devoted single father, and Alice, his mischievous daughter, will join Völundr as they must confront their haunted pasts. Some of the members seek redemption and vengeance, while others yearn for a place to belong. Cursed and desperate for answers, they agree to assist Völundr in exchange for his teachings on Thaumaturgy.

Their first mission takes them to the Unseen City, under the threat of a devastating terrorist attack. Amidst the chaos, the most powerful Thaumaturgist the world has ever seen, Miss Xana, have other plans for the city. She will stop at nothing until those who wronged her face the consequences they deserve.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling alternate historical fantasy set in the late 1890s, a time of political intrigue where magic clashes with science, where kaijus roam the earth, and where awe-inspiring battles hangs in the balance. The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of this unlikely group of heroes as they battle against forces both seen and unseen.

What to expect?

- A time when technology is gradually turning from Steampunk to Dieselpunk.
- Political intrigues.
- Alternate historical drama + Fantasy.
- Multiple lead characters.
- Magic meets Science.
- Shonen anime-style fights.
- Kaijus and destruction.
- Lots of waifus and husbandos 
- It may contain some mild Fantasy Violence, but nothing too graphic. (Check out my Patreon for an Uncensored version)
- Inspiration ranges from: the Fate series, to Full Metal Alchemist, to Harry Potter, from Isekai anime to the Mistborn saga, and Kaiju cinema to George R. R. Martin shenanigans.

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMartial ArtsRomance
Alternate World Based on an Anime Character Growth Conspiracies Dragons Elemental Magic Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Heroes Loli Magic Magic Beasts Modern Fantasy Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Prophecies Saving the World Secret Organizations Shota Sword And Magic Wars Witches Wizards World Travel
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