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/ Series / Dimensional Chat Group: In Tonikaku Kawaii With Sign-In System (Tonikawa Fanfic)
Dimensional Chat Group: In Tonikaku Kawaii With Sign-In System (Tonikawa Fanfic)
Dimensional Chat Group: In Tonikaku Kawaii With Sign-In System (Tonikawa Fanfic)
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4.6 (17 ratings)
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Furukawa Sairyoku died after being hit by a truck. Fortunately, he got a second chance in life as he was transmigrated in modern Japan.

However, he transmigrated right directly in the middle of the road at night, where a truck was speeding right at him!

When he was about to curse his bad luck of being about to be isekai’d twice by Truck-kun, a beautiful girl with sakura pink hair blocked the impact for him and saved him from the truck accident!

She was none other than Tsukuyomi Tsukasa, the Waifu from Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You!

Infatuated by Tsukasa, Furukawa Sairyoku confessed his love for her despite his injuries.

In response, Tsukasa replied, “I’ll only go out with you if you marry me.”


After that incident, it has been two years since Furukawa Sairyoku last met her.

At that time, he awakened the Dimension Sign-In System where he could sign-in every month and obtain items and abilities from other dimensions.

However, on a fateful night, he not only met Tsukasa again, but also heard a notification sound in his mind!


[You have been invited to join the Dimension Chat Group!]


[Secretly Rich Otaku has joined the chat group!] (Furukawa Sairyoku)

[Fourteen Years Old Pushover has joined the chat group!] (Suzuki Iruma)

[One-Eyed Siscon has joined the chat group!] (Otasaka Yuu)

[Car Company Subaru has joined the chat group!] (Natsuki Subaru)

[Powerful Stone Bearer has joined the chat group!] (Lin Dong)

[Apocalypse Regressor In China has joined the chat group!] (Zhuo Tiancheng)


Discord server:

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Table of Contents
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    Status: c15

    I actually made an account just to leave a review for this novel.

    Currently ive read all chapters of this novel and Im giving it a 5/5 star rating. This is some top quality stuff without any doubt.

    The writers skillful word use is apparent and on point almost being seen as not enough if youre just speed reading however each word can perfectly describe the atmosphere, the mood or thoughts of charachters and their personalities.

    The Main Charachter is pretty cool. He has shown many great qualities one of them, being the most important for me: Walking the talk. He isnt a damn hypocrite who says this and his actions show something else... No! He stays true to his purpose and is decisive on his actions. he is a romantic at heart (like yours truly). Others qualities being what any good MC has. he is quick Witted, eloquent, hard working and driven something you can see from the 1st chapter if you are to actually think about him and his actions. He is also very kind and straightforward in certain scenarious. Having an MC who is actually empathic is a great change of pace from the sociopaths usually rampant...

    Then there is the check in system which interestingly enough gets activated on chapter 4 and the dimensional chat group gets activated on chapter 7 and so far the charachters personalities are on point and enjoyable to watch their interactions. Obviously I wont write any spoilers, However I have seen enough to truly believe in the authors skills to cook up great things and am looking forward to more.

    p.s: dont mind my lacking english skills and just give the novel a read. The chapters are a good standart of 1k+ each

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c24

    I also made an account just to leave likes and possibly comment some time after the email check finishes!This novel is perfect, I can't wait for the next chapter already! Please never stop making it!

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 18: mystic eyes of death...

    It is decent. If you like what this novel is going fo you can consider it  a 4 star. The reason I rated it lower is mostly because of the time skip and his powers. Why the time skip was used was understandable (it was in the original too after all) but the issue here is what happened in that time frame? Well, he got powers and stuff. Which we dont know about until he shows/needs them.

    Another issue I personally have is with the writing style, or the chapter endings to be more specific. They can be mostly considered cliffhangers, which is fine from time to time as you want the readers to come back. But it becomes an issue when they happen more often than not and more so if they just cut conversations short leaving you unsatisfied with the chapter. It creates the feeling of reading a part, not a chapter just to have something to release in time.

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