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/ Series / Reincarnation Of A Humble God
Reincarnation Of A Humble God
Reincarnation Of A Humble God
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4.0 (113 ratings)
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Finished #3 in ScribbleHub’s Adventum Contest!

A woman dies in a rather embarrassing way, and is reborn into a shapeless void, as a god.

Now, after accidentally renaming herself "Snooze", she has become a Level One God, and must learn everything she can about how to control her new abilities--including Creation Management!

A silly stitch of fate, Snooze begins to grow more powerful as she combines elements, creates a world, and has to combat the flighty whims of her rosy-glowing archangel named Meat.

This is a work of comedy (or an attempt at it, in any case.)

Illustration for the cover is by the wonderful and talented dathie / @dathieart (on Instagram)

This story is LitRPG-lite and is also available now on Royal Road.
Adventum Contest Theme(s):
I went with all three (let's go for broke here)

Has Town/Kingdom/Empire Building
Has Reincarnated as an X (God)
Has a Combination of Magic and Technology

AdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveIsekaiLitRPGSlice of LifeSupernatural
The Adventum Contest
Alternate World Charming Protagonist Comedic Undertone Cute Protagonist Elemental Magic Female Protagonist Game Elements God Protagonist Kingdom Building Level System Magic Naive Protagonist Reincarnated into Another World Skill Creation Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 57
Reviews 8
Table of Contents
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    I read this and stopped a while ago, but I have to say; this story is the first I read where the main character and vibe in general actually makes this feel godly. Though “I was called god and Satan” came pretty dam close.

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    Status: ch. 26 – a cup full of...

    Good fun and interesting start but got more and more boring and tedious as the story went on

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    Status: c7

    This is Worldbuilding on steroids.

    It is the story of a girl that died and became God. Now she has set off on a journey of doing what gods do (apparently) - build worlds. She has a tiny little companion that only she understands and a system that seems to work on a little plotholey logic. &Nbsp;

    The MC has a cheery tone and tone of the story is light and happy.

    It has several shortcomings in regards to grammar, but it is not distracting. But what will distract you is the double spaced sentences everywhere and trying to figure out what the system says and what the MC says.

    But overall, I would recommend you give it a read and see for yourself. This isn't a fully flushed out story, but it's light and easy to digest. If you think you would like reading something like World Reader, you should give this a try. (Albeit there isn't any harem here, but that's a plus in my eyes!)

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    I have to say, I laughed like hell reading this. It's insanely good. But as the story progressed, it started taking on more serious tones mixed with the humor. It began to story build like crazy as time zipped on in the life of a god. Now in the current chapters, I'm actually waiting on baited breath. What's happened, what's going to happen, who the hell was that, ect. I have so many questions now and I find myself really enjoying this. Can't wait for the next chapters to come out, I'll have this bookmarked and followed.

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    Status: complete

    Lovely story until the author disappeared

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    Status: ch. 20 - the ritual

    For Transparency's Sake: I read this story on Royal Road, through chapter 19 and then joined Scribble Hub to publish my own story, before remembering that I could find this here. I am copying & pasting my own review from Royal Road.

    I whole-heartedly endorse this story. I can't express, succinctly, how much I love this story. In less than an hour, I read everything from chapter 1 to chapter 14, because of the engaging, humorous, and from time to time heart-felt writing. This story is legitimately enjoyable and I found myself growing more attached to Leaf, Snooze, and Meat, as well as their current pals, and I, as a fellow god-story author, deeply and sincerely love this story.

    If you want to read a fun, yet sincere take on godhood and on power and learning, I really recommend this story. It's like nothing on Royal Road and I love it.

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    Status: ch. 29 – here be necromancy

    Real good stuff, it is highly enjoyable 

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    Status: ch. 20 – the ritual

    Early chapters were ok later ones got super boring putting this in the trash where it belongs. For some reason the MC who is unfit to be a god refuses to do her job and stay in her avatar form and then the story became super boring cuz it removed all that was good.

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