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Reincarnated as a Rock
Reincarnated as a Rock
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Hey, when you are here could you rate my story? And I'd appreciate it if you can write a review.

One day going by his usual life, after some ridiculous events, MC finds himself reincarnated into being a rock... But the silver lining is that he has a "status" in a world of magic and fantasy. Though does that matter if he is completely unable to move or do anything for that matter. Find out in the next episode of... Just kidding. Of course he will find a way to "move" and stuff.

Anyways I will add references and funny stuff whenever I can to keep the story away from a boring Isekai fantasy. There will be an alchemy system, a skill system, a magic system and few more(with time) creative quasi-scientific systems. I don't know a lot about alchemy systems in Isekai fantasy stories so I may fail to create something unique to experience in that regard but I have to humbly ask of you to forgive me, since this is my first novel ever. Though, you can roast me all you want as long as it's constructive criticism.

From the 8th chapter on, I'll be introducing our second protagonist. An oppressed noble girl that had faced the realistic side of the world with gullible expectations.
Even if you haven't liked the story, I truly appreciate for you to read up until here. Have a great day!

The cover image does not belong to me, it belongs to Steven Schimmrich from:
If you want it removed just message me.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSlice of Life
Adventurers Alchemy Alternate World Artificial Intelligence Blacksmith Childish Protagonist Crafting Different Social Status Divination Engineer Evolution Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Modern Knowledge Multiple Identities Multiple Protagonists Multiple Timelines
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      Status: c1
      Jul 22, 2020

      5/5 for the beautiful rock in that picture. Is that flint or volcanic glass?  

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 7 gakes «1» getting kidnapped, the...
      Jul 29, 2020

      Ive read it all and it has alot of potential as a story the only thing I find issue with is the fact that there haven’t been chapters for nearly a week now and im a bit confused on the status of the story

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Jul 24, 2020

      Didn't even start but was requested politely to write a review so, here I go. Based on the cover photo I see that the author has good taste in rocks which obviously translates to good story writing, if not what does? Good taste aside, any rock enthusiast should check this out maybe you will like it or hate it with a burning passion, who knows? But why not give it a try.

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 6 the encounter 3, split thinking...
      Aug 1, 2020

      Despite its popularity and potential, I don't actually like this story.

      In my opinion, the story is like an immature child. Not too well thought-out, impulsive and making a lot of poor decisions.

      The synposis is a pretty good depiction of the actual story, mixing an actual synopsis, a joke and a plan for future events into a single paragraph. I find it confusing to read.

      The rest of the review has spoilers for the first 7 chapters.


      The poop death near the start is unusual, but not that bad. People make a mess when they die, so that's fine.

      Not reading a contract and laughing your way through everything is confusing (it's much harder to understand what's going on when one half of the conversation isn't playing along). I personally don't like dumb characters, but you get a freebie here. If you want to write a story about reincarnating as a rock, maybe you need something dumb to happen. So I'll forgive that.

      Due to time spent as a rock, our protagonist gains a split personality. This split personality then immediately starts wasting resources. 

      So, negative point number one: the protagonist is an idiot. Or at least holding an idiot ball.

      Negative point number two: The story rambles on and on. Paragraphs keep going without end. There's an interlude about what's going on in the original world, and it has no line breaks. Just an endless stream of poop jokes. 

      Whatever value the plot had died with that interlude.

      The story gets worse after that as the protagonist's split personality induces a session of talking to yourself. They're given symbols, rather than names. The rambling turned incomprensible for me there.


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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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