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The Prodigal Prince
The Prodigal Prince
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The Crowned Prince Nicholas Bennett Caspian Remington III has decided to abandon his country and title at the age of 12. He is not sure why, but his "6th Sense," as he has come to call it, tells him he has to leave before he is engaged to Scarlett Lola Barnes otherwise he will not get the "optimal" results. If you are confused, don't worry, he is too! He has a checklist in his mind titled, "The Perfect Game Walkthrough," whatever that means, and it has guided him since he was 6 years old. Though he has tried to fight the feeling all his life, it is like he is being controlled by someone else at times. Nick still has some control, mostly in conversations or when the 6th Sense is not guiding him, but for the most part, he has learned to go with it. It has helped him save himself and his family on more than one occasion, both politically, from corrupt nobles, and physically, from assassins that he fought off himself! He does a routine that would be demonic for any kid, let alone when he started it at 6. From martial arts, sword fighting, and magical studies, to mathematics, geography, economics, and business studies, Nick has worked his body and mind into the ground and built it back up on more than one occasion.

It is time for him to leave on this journey. He has planned for this over the last 6 years and knows much adventure awaits him, as does much danger. With a heavy heart, he leaves his elegantly written letter telling his family of his choice.

"Yo Mom & Pops!
I have decided to step down as the Crowned Prince and go on an adventure around the world! I don't want to be engaged to Scarlet, as everyone knows girls are gross and have cooties, and I really don't want to go to lower or middle academy classes since I have already mastered their knowledge long ago. I will be gone for many years, but when I come back, I promise to make it up to you all!
Love you bunches,

With that Nick sets out for 6 years on an epic adventure filled with new friends, epic battles with scary monsters, mystery & intrigue, items & treasures that kingdoms would wage war over, an ancient enemy and its army that is defeated just in time to save the world, and a romantic interest that ultimately didn't really go anywhere..........
* * *
AND NOW HE'S BACK! ....And his 6th Sense is gone for some reason...

A/N: This story will attempt to tell the tale of our returning protagonist prince after his perfect 100% video game walkthrough. The game has ended, but the story has only begun!

I will also be posting this story on

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