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/ Series / The Little One is stuck with bones.
The Little One is stuck with bones.
The Little One is stuck with bones.
5.4k Views 178 Favorites 13 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 111 Readers
4.0 (6 ratings)
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Why did my WHOLE INVENTORY turned to BONES!
Even my currency that was supposedly GOLD turned to bones!

What the bloody **** just happened!

I tried to log out but I can't log out at all...
I tried to pinch myself as I felt like it became a bruise and the pain inhibitor was somehow removed.
But I soon realized...

This world... became real.

AdventureComedyFantasyGender BenderIsekaiSupernatural
Table of Contents 13
Reviews 2
Table of Contents
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    New Wkppp
    Status: page 12: empire city of kalis...

    The character development is good. All of them has an in depth personalities and characters. The only problem is our MC. She act as if she's a naive child. She just goes with the flow instead of voicing out her opinion and and feelings. She also doesn't properly plans her next course of action. Instead she just relies on the suggestions and opinions of the strangers. Ops I forgot, the nation that she's currently in hates her class. They have a rule set or mentality of kill on sight. When they see a person who has the same class as her. What's worse is she willingly followed a random guy. Who's servant even attempt to kill her. Have I ever mentioned that she actually saved them?. Yet that bastard didn't even acknowledge that fact?. Look even a normal person despite them being a racist. Onece you saved them in a life or death situation won't just aggressively kill you right. If I am right most of them will just shout at you in disgust and left... Yet they just attempted to kill her without warning... And the bastard son just ignore it and request our MC to be his servant!... AND SHE JUST ACCEPTED IT!


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    New Hollow_Man
    Status: page 11

    the writer constantly says that he sucks at writing, however he is a lot better than most. While he lacks proper grammar and exposicion, he knows how to make an interesting story.

    There is two main flaws in this story:

    1-Lack of proper grammar. Even basic stuff, there are times that he uses she instead of he.

    2-Lack of exposicion. The MC has a game-like system, who does not work properly. However this does raises some questions that have never been answered. The MC has an inventory, does everyone else has one? Is the MC the only one with a game-like system? 

    It's very similar to that sensacion that you get when you realise "Wait, how come everyone speak the same language and understand each other (even though there should be a language barrier) ", that is very common in Isekai and alien stories. The writer purposely ignoring something in order to progress the story, however here is much more obvious.

    However, I am enjoying the story and I believe that is worth giving it a try.

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