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/ Series / A Bond Beyond Blood
A Bond Beyond Blood
A Bond Beyond Blood
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4.1 (67 ratings)
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Takumi and Chiori Chihara are two siblings that have been close since birth. After a traumatic event, and ensuing circumstances leading to them being socially outcast, they look to one another for support and company, as Takumi takes on the role to keep the family together, cost what it may.

This bizarre dynamic only continues as they grow into adults, Chiori never letting go of acting as spoiled as she was as a child, and Takumi reluctantly going along. However, this only further complicates things as Chiori begins to harbor one-sided feelings for her reliable other brother, and Takumi plans to avoid her, perhaps for good, as he's unable to deal with the responsibilities arising from this complicated situation.

Yet what he may not realize, is that those feelings could have been mutual all along. Yet whether those around them could accept such a thing or not, is a fear he cannot let go of.

When the truth is laid bare, will they remain able to rely on one another, or will their relation break under pressure?

(full rewrite in progress)

AdultDramaEcchiMatureRomanceSchool LifeSeinenSlice of LifeSmut
Brother Complex Caring Protagonist Character Growth Childhood Promise Childish Protagonist Clingy Lover Coming of Age Complex Family Relationships Cute Story Determined Protagonist Domestic Affairs Doting Older Siblings Dreams Family Family Conflict First Love First-time Intercourse Handjob Incest Multiple POV Paizuri R-18 Sister Complex Yandere Younger Sisters
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c19

    Drawn in by the smut, but it was not very good. I like the concept. Would be cool for a harem setting.  Unfortunately, the writer doesn't seem to be good at writing the smut scenes. They feel like what someone would imagine s*x is like. Well normally I could get past that in smut, but even the non smut is super short word length wise. Checkout the statistics for average chapter length. 

    Anyway, normally I wouldn't give such a review, but the ratings are kinda misleading.

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