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/ Series / Lost Solace Online (litRPG novel)
Lost Solace Online (litRPG novel)
Lost Solace Online (litRPG novel)
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Sometimes, life can be the same as a dream.

Unpredictable, beautiful, but fleeting.

And so, my dream is reaching its end, and my life is the same.

My name is Alice, Alice Whitefield, a dying patient with limited days left, and also one of the best VR players ever found.

And so, with my remaining days being numbered and my life burning out, I will do the only thing players know to do.

Play a new game.

“because if my life's last spark is burning out, then I just have to make it into a final brilliant light, one that can't be forgotten. And what better stage is there, than a new world, with unknown horizons, and hidden challenges? don't you too think the same ?"

If you do, then once again, here I am.

My name is Alice Whitefield, and this is my story, as I bet my everything, for a final chance of seeing a new horizon.

if you like the story, then please care to buy the official book, with improved content and illustrations on amazon.


note: Any republishing, or copying with no permission can be taken as an act of theft.

Calm Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cold Protagonist Game Elements Level System Mutated Creatures Mysterious Illness Virtual Reality
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