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/ Series / Travel to Another World because ROB asked me.
Travel to Another World because ROB asked me.
Travel to Another World because ROB asked me.
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Apparently I died then a ROB, robbed my soul from afterlife to ask me do something for him.
Then he let me choose 3 ability that i can use to help my journey.
I pick some the most OP abilities i have ever know.

I will be reincarnated to anime and eroge world.. which is most otaku dream!!
With my incoming overpowered ability it should be easy right?

Mc wake up and see his new identity.
He realize he is still ducked.

"" Talk
[] System, Skill
This is my first fic so dont really expect anything, really.
I dont own anything except probably the OC MC, Even the cover I take somewhere from internet.
English is not my main language, not even second, but my third language so expect some grammar or typo mistake. Not native english speaker.
I dont have editor either.

The update perhaps heavily depend on my mood.
Oh yeah, content warning btw. Also look at tag.

And last, my writing style might be weird. A lot time I will use MC POV.
I guess I'm playing too much eroge.

If you are looking R-18 content, It would be happen on much later.. I want to write proper progress between mc and her girls instead making them immediately go for mc without reason.

Anyway Just enjoy. Trying to write fanfic because covid anyway, filling time and self satisfaction. Stay safe.
No longer crossposted with webnovel. No feedback, disrespecting community, yadayada. I have enough, lol.

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      Status: reading

      Loving it so far. Looking forward to more chapters!

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