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/ Series / My new life
My new life
My new life
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4.6 (19 ratings)
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Eric has been living a life of a standard citizen, but what differentiates him from the others is that his a indie game geek.

Anytime he gets a break, he would instantly read or play his favorite games. Examples of this are Undertale and Cuphead, mostly undertale.

While walking back to his home, he was struck by a knife on his back and was transported in a different world with an unfamiliar body.

How will he, now she live in this world?

ActionAdventureFanfictionFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveMatureSmutSupernatural
Solo Leveling Undertale
Eye Powers Female Protagonist Jealousy Magic Male to Female Modern Fantasy Obsessive Love Reincarnated into Another World Soul Power Souls Spatial Manipulation Tomboyish Female Lead Underestimated Protagonist
Table of Contents 14
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 10: an unexpected visitor

    It's a cool crossover and the writing is awesome! I personally love it! This is one of my favorite writings on this site!

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    Status: chapter 7: an unexpected teammate

    An incredibly interesting concept, Held back by the less than stellar grammar and large lack of story. I don't read much on this site, however I haven't seen the meshing of two fandoms like this.  I Don't usually read things like this, but I was intruiged.

    Final Opinion


    As said above, Its a really interesting concept. Meshing two fandoms like this is something I don't usually read nor see. However, The way its written is strange. Lots of time skips, relatively bad grammar, and a story that doesn't really exist. As the author said though, English is not their first language. Would I recomend reading it? Sure, Knock yourself out. However, dont go in expecting incredible things.


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    Status: c0

    what is this unholy combination of Undertale and Solo Leveling????

    the titles of the chapters alone should indicate the quality of this, but I have a sense of morbid curiosity and decided to read it anyways...



    definitely not the best thing iv ever seen... would have perhaps been an interesting story if there was a story...

    yeah hate to disappoint but there just isn't a story here, time skips and unexplained plot holes all over the place that the author even explained in the comment section when asked about it. there are easily at least 10 more chapters of content that could be written instead of the 5 month time skip. and so far we have just been somewhat (?) introduced to the character quirks and powers we will be watching going around doing things as the OP characters they are. (as of chapter 7)

    id describe it as a classic case of "self-insert fanfic" that somehow got to the weekly trending page


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