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/ Series / What Do You Mean All Dungeons Are Girls!!!?
What Do You Mean All Dungeons Are Girls!!!?
What Do You Mean All Dungeons Are Girls!!!?
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A boy wakes up in a mysterious black space, with a goddess who reincarnates him as a demonic dungeon. There’s just one catch in this world dungeons are girls, and then when he finally unlocks his avatar he discovers it is a cute loli demon and while he or rather she is dealing with her newfound gender issues the church comes calling.

This is my first attempt at a dungeon story, and my first story. Sorry about the early chapters, not meeting the same standards as my other fiction on this site, but I have not had time to revise them. Don’t worry it gets better later on. I write primarily to improve myself, so any feedback you have will be greatly appreciated.

FantasyGender BenderGirls LoveLitRPGMature
Beastkin Corruption Cute Protagonist Demons Dragons Dungeons Dwarfs Elves Fairies Gate to Another World Goddesses Gods Loli Male to Female Masturbation Nudity Polygamy Pregnancy R-18 Seduction Succubus
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    Status: extra scene xiii
    This novel is bad, offensively so.
    The "story" is a complete mess without any real planning. Things just happen one after another and there are currently (after about 20 chapters) 3 or 4 vastly different "storylines" with random jumps between them. All of the characters lack any personalty and are complete idiotes. The most interesting one is the elven princess that gets cursed in like chapter 1 and trys to fight the influence the curse has on her mind but she quickly gives that up. Thats the most interesting characters in the story and thats just a gimmick.
    The power scaling and worldbuilding are also a complete mess.
    For the power scaling, even beginner adventure have stats in the 1000s and the MC needs about 3-6 months to go from a new dungeon (f-class) to having monster of b-class level roam his dungeon.
    In regards to the worldbuilding. Everybody in this world is an idiot.
    The biggest example is this: The MC is classed as a demon-lust dungeon this determins the monster he can use and more importantly the enviromental effect the dungeon has. The dungeon constantly releases pheromones that stimulate the s*xual desire of beings inside the dungeon and gets stronger the lower you go. This is know, lust dungeons exist outside of the MC and not a single adventure has equipment or spells to conter this. Even the adventureguildmaster (SS-class) falls prey to this. Like come on.
    It also does not help that every god known so far is an absolute jerk and complety unfit for the power he/she has. The only one with an excuse is the godess of mischief as her pranks are what you would expect even if her existence herself does seem odd.
    The only part left are the s*x scenes and well they are quite short and boring. Its the best executed part of the novel but lacks the description to even attempt to carry the story. Its somewhat above the fade to black.
    On a personal note, I find it worrying how easy it seems to be to become someones slave/pet in this world.

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    Status: chapter xcvii

    So I dropped this story at chapter XCVII, which my Roman numeral converter says is chapter 94, because of a few reasons.

    The first, and biggest reason, is the characters. I don't really dislike the characters, mind you. It's just that the amount of characters is gigantic. Not just that, but quite a few have similar names too. Amy, Ari, Aki, Ally, Airi, Arlie, etcetera. I'm pretty sure there's also 2 characters named Lily? Well, you get the point. Now this does not make it a problem immediately. The problem starts when the author seemingly wants to make half of the characters in their story a main protagonist.

    At first there was no problem. We had Misaki's POV, and maybe Reiko's for a chapter. Now, however, we've long passed the point of being able to count the amount of POVs on two hands. Every character that is even decently major has chapters from their POV. This wouldn't be such a big problem if it was just for some extra bonus chapter, or if it was closely related to the story of our main protagonist, but that's just not the case. I'm pretty sure there's like five or more different plotlines going on, all wildly different and not even near each other, some getting more attention than others. Every character that gets introduced can and will get like at least a part of a chapter from their POV.

    It also doesn't help that there's basically no one-off characters. I can't recall any character, apart from maybe a handful, who have been introduced and not gotten more than one appearance. If someone gets a POV, I guarantee you they will get their own plotline.

    At this point, it feels like there isn't a focus anymore. If I had to explain, it's like 'if everyone is the main protagonist, nobody is'. It feels like Misaki - who I quite enjoyed as the main protagonist - has been reduced to little more than just one of the many decently major characters. Having a shift of main protagonist isn't a bad thing, but I feel like it becomes a problem when there's a dozen characters wanting to be the new one, but nobody actually becoming it.

    But Misaki's not the only one. There's more than a few once major characters who I haven't seen for a long time. Like, when Reiko got introduced I was sure she was gonna be a major character for the rest of the story. She was introduced in the whole 'first companion in the new world' kinda way you often see in these stories. Now, though, I don't remember the last time she was even mentioned. Did the author forget she exists? Did they consider Reiko's story complete? Who knows.

    I do enjoy many of the different plotlines, but I feel like they'd be better off seperated from WDYMADAG and getting their own full story.

    I tried to keep reading, but I am finding myself continuing with reluctance. The story no longer feels exciting, because half the time I have to read back to remember what exacly was happening in the current plotline again. I also find myself visiting the character list every few chapters because I just can't remember who is who most of the time.

    Those were my main problems with this story, and I'll leave it at this. There's some nitpicks I have, like the punctuation needing some work, but those nitpicks never prevent me from understanding the story or anything.

    In conclusion, while I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of this story, it slowly but surely became tedious to read, having to constantly try and remember which of the plotlines this was again and what was happening. I'm sure there's people who can ignore the problems I had, but for me the story felt like the author was a bit too ambitious when it came to the characters. I didn't dislike the characters or their stories - I quite liked them, even - but there were just too many for my liking.

    I hoped this mess of a review can be of help in your future works. Just know that I have nothing against your story. Just wasn't for me. 

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    Status: chapter xlix growth spurt

    To be honest, the overall story isn't great. Characters aren't developed much and sometimes even forgotten only to appear many chapters later only briefly mentioned. There is a huge power system that's never really explained to the reader. We only understand it from what other characters say about it.

    However, this story delivers Yuri and lots of it. That's really all I ask for and all I need. We might get on futa on female later in the story it seems.

    A suggestion. It's mentioned that "dark healing" a skill that appears very early on incorporates lust and combat. Including more Yuri in every aspect of the story will let you develop it without going without Yuri for more than one chapter. I need Yuri every chapter. I breath Yuri. 

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    17 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter ciii why is everyone...

    At first it started out good. I enjoyed it. Now we're here. If the other reviewer's well articulated review isn't enough for you, here is mine.

    This story is (was) about Misaki. Reincarnated as a dungeon core and as a girl. Easy enough?This is all basically irrelevant now. Misaki hasn't even appeared in close to 60-80 chapters. This novel has horrifically gone off the rails. Scratch the LitRPG tag, there hasn't been a real level up sense chapter 40 or so. Honestly, I'd be more accurate but I don't know my roman numerals. 

    At first everything was fine. However, looking back I think everything went awry with one particular character: Ariele. Ever sense she has been introduced, more and more POVs have been introduced. There is a 10+ chapter stretch of her in an alternate dimension hunting monsters and talking with characters that have nothing to do with Misaki nor her plot. I've been waiting for MC to return as the POV, but I'm done. As of this chapter: we have the POV of a character I do not remember meeting with, guess who, Ariele, on a goddess nudest island. What does this have to do with Misaki or anything else? Nothing, nothing at all.

    It seems like the author wants to write any other novel but this one and refuses to simply make another one. People who complain Blue in Blue Core becomes "simply a background element" are liars and have not experienced this. Misaki isn't even a character anymore. Don't read this unless you've really got a lot of time to waste and have nothing else to read.

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    15 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter civ encounters with a...

    I'm gonna drop this at 104 chapters (if I got the numerals correct, its CIV). That is due to 1 simple problem: There’s way too much going on. Everytime I read a chapter it's like picking up a book in the middle of the story. There’s nothing wrong with the actual writing, it's just impossible to keep the, god knows how many, stories straight.

    It's a shame because I quite liked the story when it started out. The other reviewers were right that when Arlie (?) or whoever was introduced the story went off the rails.

    Rating 2/5 purely because the beginning was good and the grammar has stayed good.

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    Status: character list

    The story is supposed to follow MC, a man turned into a female dungeon against his will, only to ignore his existence fairly early on, and focus on a completely a different, who is more or less Mary sue incarnate and has no purpose other shouting about how great she is.

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    Status: chapter c painful revelation

    There are so many named characters scattered over so many story lines, each with their own POV, tha the story has long since lost any sense of direction, and the author is still adding more. This also has the effect of reducing the screen time of every individual character, including the MC who is rarely even mentioned these times. And all of the characters are idiots or have something else wrong with their heads.

    What the synopsis and tags also do not tell you, is that the story is absolutely chokefull with lolification and age regression to childern, if not ageplay, and everything that comes with the territory, so if that is not your thing, better stay away.

    Honestly, I'm only giving it two stars because the start was reasonably good. That and the novel filling a lust dungeon niche I liked is probably also why I kept reading this far, even if I did not enjoy most of the story anymore.

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    Status: chapter xiii impressing the visitors

    This is a non-consent fantasy without d*cks. And I'm not just talking about the s*x (though I'm definitely also talking about the s*x). From the initial forced reincarnation to the 'divine trials' being forced upon helpless mortals, to the way people treat supposed allies, everything and everyone is callous, soulless, and ruthless.

    And while I might have gone for 2 stars and said, "Get your fetish here!" I instead find that the actual fetish scenes are lacking. When s*x finally comes up, it's a quick 'they do the s*x' and then the author goes to grab the next doll. Is it intentional that these assault scenes aren't arousing? I sincerely hope not; if you take those out there's nothing left here. Just headache-inducing grammar, major to minor inconsistencies, and a bunch of numbers that hold no actual meaning.

    Noted, I only made it through 20 chapters (including the side stories) before it hurt too much to continue. It's entirely possible that this is a first attempt at writing a story, and the writing will improve as the author learns, 'studies, ' and practices. If I see a second title, I may pick it up just to see if it is so. But this meandering maze of miscommunicated misfortunes is too much for me to sift through.

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    Status: (don't remember, don't care)

    Insufferable. The majority of POV characters are pathetic and spineless. They roll over at the slightest metaphorical poke from any character that is not explicitly an enemy.

    The POV characters are entirely too trusting and sympathetic, while the non-POV characters are unsympathetic and manipulative.

    This is wholly objective.

    Even though I read this over a year ago I have yet to be able to scrub this from my mind.

    –10/10 would not recommend.

    (that's negative ten out of ten, btw)

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    Status: chapter xxxix megan’s morning/...

    Honestly, this story doesn't deserve the amount of attention it has. Very generic and below average writing with many common newbie mistakes such as too many characters & povs and extremely poor world-building.

    The worst problem is that the MC doesn't feel like a MC at all. 50% of the story are POVs that are far away from where the MC is and half of the other 50% are POVs of other characters that are near where the MC is. Thats how few screentime the MC is getting.

    However, this story, being a first work of a new author is really good for newbie standards. So I think it deserves a 4/5 instead of a 3/5 or 2/5 for effort. You MIGHT enjoy it if you just want to read a light-hearted story that you can skim through.

    (btw the s*x scenes are just downright disappointing. Why is the author even writing them when he clearly has no talent for r-18)

    if you can tolerate reading like the first 50-60 chapters, things get a lot better. The improvement of the writer's writing skills gets apparent the further you go in, but the terrible mistakes made by the author at and near the start are still affecting the quality of the story

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