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/ Series / What Do You Mean All Dungeons Are Girls!!!?
What Do You Mean All Dungeons Are Girls!!!?
What Do You Mean All Dungeons Are Girls!!!?
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A boy wakes up in a mysterious black space, with a goddess who reincarnates him as a demonic dungeon. There’s just one catch in this world dungeons are girls, and then when he finally unlocks his avatar he discovers it is a cute loli demon and while he or rather she is dealing with her newfound gender issues the church comes calling.

This is my first attempt at a dungeon story, and my first story. Sorry about the early chapters, not meeting the same standards as my other fiction on this site, but I have not had time to revise them. Don’t worry it gets better later on. I write primarily to improve myself, so any feedback you have will be greatly appreciated.

FantasyGender BenderGirls LoveLitRPGMature
Beastkin Corruption Cute Protagonist Demons Dragons Dungeons Dwarfs Elves Fairies Gate to Another World Goddesses Gods Loli Male to Female Masturbation Nudity Polygamy Pregnancy R-18 Seduction Succubus
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      Status: extra scene xiii
      Apr 10, 2020
      This novel is bad, offensively so.
      The "story" is a complete mess without any real planning. Things just happen one after another and there are currently (after about 20 chapters) 3 or 4 vastly different "storylines" with random jumps between them. All of the characters lack any personalty and are complete idiotes. The most interesting one is the elven princess that gets cursed in like chapter 1 and trys to fight the influence the curse has on her mind but she quickly gives that up. Thats the most interesting characters in the story and thats just a gimmick.
      The power scaling and worldbuilding are also a complete mess.
      For the power scaling, even beginner adventure have stats in the 1000s and the MC needs about 3-6 months to go from a new dungeon (f-class) to having monster of b-class level roam his dungeon.
      In regards to the worldbuilding. Everybody in this world is an idiot.
      The biggest example is this: The MC is classed as a demon-lust dungeon this determins the monster he can use and more importantly the enviromental effect the dungeon has. The dungeon constantly releases pheromones that stimulate the s*xual desire of beings inside the dungeon and gets stronger the lower you go. This is know, lust dungeons exist outside of the MC and not a single adventure has equipment or spells to conter this. Even the adventureguildmaster (SS-class) falls prey to this. Like come on.
      It also does not help that every god known so far is an absolute jerk and complety unfit for the power he/she has. The only one with an excuse is the godess of mischief as her pranks are what you would expect even if her existence herself does seem odd.
      The only part left are the s*x scenes and well they are quite short and boring. Its the best executed part of the novel but lacks the description to even attempt to carry the story. Its somewhat above the fade to black.
      On a personal note, I find it worrying how easy it seems to be to become someones slave/pet in this world.

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      Status: chapter xlix growth spurt
      Nov 16, 2019

      To be honest, the overall story isn't great. Characters aren't developed much and sometimes even forgotten only to appear many chapters later only briefly mentioned. There is a huge power system that's never really explained to the reader. We only understand it from what other characters say about it.

      However, this story delivers Yuri and lots of it. That's really all I ask for and all I need. We might get on futa on female later in the story it seems.

      A suggestion. It's mentioned that "dark healing" a skill that appears very early on incorporates lust and combat. Including more Yuri in every aspect of the story will let you develop it without going without Yuri for more than one chapter. I need Yuri every chapter. I breath Yuri. 

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