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/ Series / Unlife in a Paranormal World
Unlife in a Paranormal World
Unlife in a Paranormal World
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4.5 (76 ratings)
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Brought back from the dead by a perverted creep neighbour into a world where monsters and mythical creatures are the norm, join Sylvie as she tries to regain some semblance of a normal life as the only zombie in the world. Can she fit in and be accepted by a world who still believes zombies are evil brain eating entities of fiction?

(Cover image by @Gigamessy on twitter)

ComedyRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Absent Parents Alternate World Animal Characteristics Awkward Protagonist Bullying Death Disfigurement Female Protagonist Friendship Magic Mythical Beasts Reincarnated as a Monster Siblings Care Student-Teacher Relationship Subtle Romance Time Skip Tomboyish Female Lead Zombies
Table of Contents 37
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 23: the dead and the...

    It's a really sweet story about the experiences of a cute zombie girl as she struggles to continue living her unlife.

    Sylvie's happiness is contagious as she makes new friends who don't care that she's a mute zombie 'cause they can see her kindness and cuteness.

    There is indeed a time skip which is mostly used for comedy, such as


    Sylvie considering an electric car to be a magical vehicle 'cause its engine doesn't make any noise.


    Definitely give this a read! It's a very lighthearted experience.

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    Status: c12

    A wonderfully written story exploring Sylvie's experience as a student who has become disabled. Her disability just happens to be that she is a zombie.

    Her interaction with her friends, family, and teachers are consistently heartwarming. The story is consistently sweet, despite moments of turmoil.

    I'm very excited to what comes next for our life challenged young protagonist.

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    Status: chapter 11: the dead nightmare

    Imagine if you woke up one day and the world was full of magical creatures that were no longer in hiding?Imagine waking up and finding yourself years into the future and having to try and pick up the threads of your old life and continue on?Imagine waking up a zombie because you were previously dead?Imagine that despite the world being full of magic creatures, you are the only one of your kind, the only zombie?Imagine music and singing being your life and finding you no longer have a voice?Savannah has written an engaging story exploring all of the above and I am having a great time reading it.

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    Status: chapter 31: the dead and the...

    So this story did start out a bit slow and discombobulated to me for the first chapter or three, but it quickly caught my interest and I highly recommend anyone feeling similarly to stick through it.

    This story is a wonderfully sweet story about a lovable zombie girl who can't quite figure out to watch where she's going at times, and lots of other shenanigans. It's almost entirely angst and drama-free, instead just full of cute and happy schoolgirl adventures. That's not to say there's no conflict, but well, you'll just have to read it see.

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    Status: chapter 31: the dead and the...

    Status: Chapter 31

    Though a bit of a rushed start, this story is definitely worth a read. With a funny, strong and unique voice, the MC is definitely one of my favourites I've read in a while; despite being a zombie, she takes everything in stride. The humor is sharp, witty and cheesy in the best of ways, and each of the side characters are also well worth getting invested in. If you're a fan of modern fantasy, slice of life, or even just monsters in general, this series is worth the time invested. The writing also improves hugely in leaps and bounds, as well as spelling and grammar so don't let the early chapters dissuade you. 

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    Status: chapter 23: the dead and the...

    Past a couple logical issues with the premise that are fun to complain about, I have nothing to criticize with this novel. Even those couple things I do make issue with aren't the kind of things expected to be entirely accurate in fiction.

    The characters and their banter are fun and heartwarming. The drama is entertaining and you can even see where antagonistic characters are coming from. These people are relatable and understandable.

    Watching how the MC adapts to 2025 with her 2010 mindset is also a joy, and being able to watch this story progress is wonderful.

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