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/ Series / THE TRIALS: Path Toward Godhood. (warning: MATURE CONTENT)
THE TRIALS: Path Toward Godhood. (warning: MATURE CONTENT)
THE TRIALS: Path Toward Godhood. (warning: MATURE CONTENT)
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4.4 (204 ratings)
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Who am I?
Where am I?
A virtuous soul was given a second chance to live. At the price of all his memories, he would
be reincarnated in a fictional world of his choice with the powers of his choosing.
Watch as this soul reincarnates firstly, in the world of Boku no hero academia and strive to
reach the highest level.
After suffering for years and being saved by the greatest hero, a child has to watch as this
hero slowly but surely lost his power. The day when this hero gave his power away, the boy
decided something.
"I will become a hero, but I will not be the kind of hero who brings smiles to the people. The
brighter the light, the larger the shadow. I will become the shadows future symbol of peace"
Notice: like most fanfic of this kind, the mc will travel to a different world.
Notice 2: I am already writing another book called ENDLESS MYTH and I'm also a university
student, as such I must use my time well since my studies are my number one priority. This
novel release will not be consistent.
Disclaimer: Depiction of cruelty, torture and child abuse will be present. Sex scenes, curse
words etc will also be present. Anyone under 12 years of age shouldn't read this.
Copyright Disclaimer: Neither the original stories nor the cover picture belongs to me. I am
just a fan who wants to write a different version of Mangas I love with the powers of other
manga I find badass. You should go read those Mangas or watch their anime version.
This will be posted on Webnovel

ActionAdultAdventureEcchiFanfictionHaremIsekaiSchool LifeSupernatural
My Hero Academia
Abandoned Children Academy Age Progression Blood Manipulation Character Growth Cold Protagonist First-time Intercourse Overpowered Protagonist Yandere
Table of Contents 167
Reviews 11
Table of Contents
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    Status: ch 57: is it war? is...

    The harem is cringey and seems to be here so that the author has more options to write.

    the grammar is terrible and has never improved, he doesn't even use corrections pointed out in comments despite being quite active in them.

    the story overall besides those points is pretty good and original, author does make the MC 'selectively stupid' as some points (looking at you #57) which is very left field but if you can deal with the horrible grammar, harem, tons of side characters to keep track of, and occasional forced plot then it's a decent read.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 47: Past?

    When you see the title 'warning: mature content' and genre tags like echi, harem and fanfiction, you've probably already made the obvious assumptions about the story.

    This is not that kind of story.

    The author appears hyper aware of the tropes and pitfalls of the echi/harem genre, and actively tries to avoid relying on them to tell a compelling story.

    The story and characters don't leave you dissapointed or uncomfortable like a wish fulfilment story may do. 

    A true gem worth your time, because the author obviously cares about their story, MHA and the audience.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: let do a poll.

    Well, giving reviews isn't something I'm good at so I plan on being fast.

    Plot: Thicker than the pillars of some ancient buildings

    Grammar: Irrelevant errors and great effort

    Character Development: Just ended the introduction. Will change later.

    Feeling about how the history: Can be read both in one go or separated moments. In short, it isn't boring and the details are remembered before important events (that's positive okay)

    General: For f**k's sake why are you not giving this a chance? I mean, while I must say that it's not perfect and sometimes my organs twist in cringe (and that's because I haven't human interaction), I find myself waiting for the next chapter.

    Good job author

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    6 Likes · Like

    I really hope they come back. At first it was merely "a good read" but the further I got in to the story it slowly became a craving. I genuinely need more of this

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 8 : kyuketsu/junketsu (1)

    Not a lot of chappies out but I'm hooked!

    Usually I'm not really into fanfics, it's difficult to insert a MC in an universe with its own MC already present. But this one is the exception!

    Perhaps I'm biased because the MC is exactly the type I prefer, perhaps because of his powers. Or not who knows?

    If you want a dive in a darker shade of the MHA universe then hold your breath and click this "read" button.

    And now Imma go read Deadman Wonderland in order to properly understant some things :)

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 49: past? (3)

    Well, I am not really good at writing reviews so I will use tell you how I feel.

    You may assume it as something different by the name but it's not what you think. The world's are gonna get skipped but at this moment it is a completely BnHA fanfic, tho it will change in the future but that's very far away and I mean very when I say that.

    The real plot from the BnHA has just started as the entrance exam of UA is undergoing right now. Up till now, it was the development, past, relations, training and everything of the MC. But don't get me wrong, this in itself is pretty good to me.

    While there are some mistakes, the author is improving chap by chap and gets the chapters edited so there aren't any mistakes while reading it.

    The MC is OP but only among his peers. Against real power houses, he gets squashed around. Though he has the potential, be himself is limiting himself due to some reasons but is trying to become more strong and train.


    He has multiple personally disorder. And his alternate personalities are strong, much stronger than him


    The real story is just starting and I liked how his presence influenced Izuku and the changes in him. The real hard part is just getting started and I hope it goes at the same momentum at which it's going now.

    Enjoyment was 100%. It is mine one of the top 3 in Scribble hub (mine). I am not rating the top 3 so it can also be called my must fav on SC. Before deciding whether it's good or not, you gotta read it for yourself and find out if it suits your taste.

    About the " mature content", there isn't any s*xual intentions in the novel other than one very minor


    blood sucking scene


    And about gore stuff, the author gives a warning beforehand so it's all good. Though that stuff didn't bother me much.

    Long story short, it's very good. At least, you should give it a try. It's worth your time. ?

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 15: first day(1)

    Honestly I like this fanfic more than the author’s main work (partly because I really like deadman wonderland) it’s a world skipping story  just so you know, probable universes are sort of hinted at the start of the story (and if you are a pervert atracted by the Illustration:YES there’ll be s*xual content, but the 18+ alert appears to be more about gore and child abuse)

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c128

    I binge read this and I think it was good, the only thing I didn't like is that it has been dropped. The character development was a little messy but was logical and I guess the lemons were really ripe. Overall it was a good read tho I do hope that someday it will be completed

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: c128

    The story develops quite well. I had some reservations about the ocs and other extra characters but it works itself out.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 7: first friend(2)

    This may be the only my hero academia fanfiction I have read, but damn if it isn't the best one I've ever read. The protagonist is top tier, and so far, I can already see that the harem will be a true harem. Great novel so far

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