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/ Series / I got c*vid and got hit by a truck which Reincarnated me into another world as a Slave!?
I got c*vid and got hit by a truck which Reincarnated me into another world as a Slave!?
I got c*vid and got hit by a truck which Reincarnated me into another world as a Slave!?
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4.5 (18 ratings)
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An ordinary man who left a testing center had it despite his utmost efforts of taking care of himself. His unluckiness didn't end there, on his way home, walking in the middle of the night, a speeding truck hit him and then died shortly after. On his dying moments, he wished that "Isekai" is real. To his surprise, he is now conversing with a beautiful female being that can only be referred to as a God. "No, I'm a Concept." she said. The Concept became quite talkative, and it came to the point where we're normally conversing with each other. "Just C is fine." Okay, will do. C has now given me three wishes to jumpstart my fantasy life.

Join our main character as he got ejected forcefully for one of his wish.


WARNING, the progression is SLOW, and it may have been tagged as Gender bender, but it takes forever to get there. I also don't shy away from gore, so leave now if this isn't your cup of tea. Tags and Genre might change because first work and still figuring things out. Though you can be sure about the: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Isekai, Romance, and Slice of Life. Also that title, It may or may not change depending if ever thought of a better one or if this grows on me.

And no, it’s not about spreading C*vid in another world lol.


Gender Bending shenanigans start at Ch.19, if you can edge that long then you’re welcome because the tickets to this ship are free. Disclaimer - it wasn’t even the main character that got GB at that chapter. At least not yet.

ActionComedyFantasyGender BenderHaremIsekaiRomanceSlice of Life
Adventurers Age Progression Androgynous Characters Appearance Changes Bloodlines Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Charming Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Cross-dressing Demi-Humans Demon Lord Depictions of Cruelty Discrimination Doting Older Siblings Doting Parents Gore Male Protagonist Male to Female Multiple Reincarnated Individuals R-15 Slaves Unreliable Narrator Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 25
  1. Ch.19Feb 22, 2024
  2. Ch.18.1Feb 19, 2024
  3. Ch.18Feb 15, 2024
  4. Ch.17Dec 30, 2023
  5. Ch.16Nov 10, 2023
  6. Ch.15Oct 24, 2023
  7. Ch.14Oct 13, 2023
  8. Ch.13.1Sep 26, 2023
  9. Ch.13Sep 10, 2023
  10. Ch.12Aug 26, 2023
  11. Ch.11Aug 19, 2023
  12. Ch.10Aug 16, 2023
  13. Ch.9.1Aug 10, 2023
  14. Ch.9Aug 5, 2023
  15. Ch.8Jul 29, 2023
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      Status: ch.0 prologue

      I don't know why, but I laughed hard after reading the name. I feel really sorry for the MC. Truck kun after covid, he is really unlucky. Please let him have a harem full of whatever he/she wants.

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      Status: ch.9.1

      The story is nice and slow (for now? At this point in time, it feels like the main story hasn't yet started). But unlike other aimless reincarnate-as-a-baby type of isekais, the MC has clear long and somewhat short term goals. The characters all have distinct well emphasized personalities, and the story as a whole is very well written with high quality English and good humour.

      As a side note, it's been the first reincarnation scene I've liked in a while.

      Give it a try!

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