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/ Series / Summoned Again?
Summoned Again?
Summoned Again?
2.26M Views 43601 Favorites 220 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 4400 Readers
4.2 (564 ratings)
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Have you ever wondered what happened to people after they were summoned and sent back? No one ever tells those stories. Until now. Of course, just as the banished hero gets settled back into a normal life back home, guess what? He gets summoned again!
Follow the adventures of Damon as he struggles to find his place in the world... worlds? Universe? Multi-verse?
Published Irregularly.
Cover was composed from free silhouette images on the net. Circle drawn by hand. Text: free lettering.

Anniversary Competition
Accelerated Growth Beastkin Magic Summoned Hero
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Table of Contents 220
Reviews 39
Table of Contents
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    Status: c28

    (-3 stars) To be honest, the MC's personality is a big demerit for this story. He essentially just needs to walk near an attractive woman, and they will try to have s*x with him. Like how was completely random s*x with 0 buildup supposed to be interesting? He almost has s*x with his sister, all her friends, some random lady at the hardware store, his real estate agent, and almost gets himself killed by screwing some weird witch lady. I could kinda accept it in the fantasy setting because he was leaving the planet, and was maybe going to get screwed by the god so it was a "might as well" kinda thing. But man they just went on about how this one girl was missing out on soooooo much by not really loving the MC, which she had known for like a month. What's really annoying about the relationships is they just appear out of nowhere and are supposed to be significant or something. Like some novels just have s*x as a wish-fulfillment, others make it an important part of the story with a full relationship and buildup, but this one just makes it happen randomly and acts like that's not going to be annoying as hell.

    (-1 star) So another very annoying power the MC has is essentially a super Deus ex Machina vision, so he always knows what to do to get his desired outcome. So goodbye any tension to the story, not that there was much in a construction worker slice of life.

    (+2 stars) The fantasy stuff was pretty good and it got me excited for the rest, only to find out I was reading the slice of life of a construction worker. (-2 stars) And that was f**king boring. At some point, I think someone mentioned how he could have a cool job smuggling stuff with his inventory, but apparently he would rather lift things all day. Like apparently nothing he did in the other world could be of any use to him in this one. Like with his Deus Ex Machina vision and unlimited gold, why the hell didn't he take it to the black market or something. He can literally see the f**king future, but was too afraid to take the risk???? Stocks???? Venture capital investing??? Just so many missed opportunities.

    A review said you should skip to chapter 30, which I will probably do after this. This return to home arc really ruined this story for me.

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    47 Likes · Like

    The author should have stuck to the fantasy setting porn and just not bothered trying for backstory or character development. He bullsh*ts well for the fantasy setting and really keeps things moving along, but when tries to depict modern life, family life, business it's painful to read. If you just skip from where he returns to earth, to about chapter 30, it's a much better read. You won't miss anything due to the fact it just doesn't matter

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    31 Likes · Like
    Status: c100

    The biggest demerit for this story is that it is written by someone who thinks that cruelty is cool.

    The MC is not really smart, nor is he a decent person. He blames everyone else but himself for anything bad happening and is a nut job in general. After he started cruelly killing everyone he perceived as hurting him, regardless of their intentions or attitudes, I'm just fed up with this sh*t. ?

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    20 Likes · Like
    Status: c36

    Almost no action.

    Mostly dialogue and drama. Focus is on relationships and s*x. 

    I waisted hours reading and hoping the action was comming. It never did.

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    18 Likes · Like
    Status: c10

    This is purely a self-fulfilling fantasy. If you are into that go ahead, just expect little to no tension and a lot of boasting and sleeping around with no real emotion or plot. I sadly am leaving this pretty earl into the story but there are so many things I find immersion-breaking or unrealistic of the characters to do in this that I can not continue.

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    17 Likes · Like
    Status: 124

    Edit: Even after 120 chapters am I able to get excited about upcoming confrontations, family drama and business endeavours. 


    With the 11th chapter just out it is time to review this. 

    From an author who has established that he can write fantasy and urban (technology/romance) comes a new work focusing on the troubles and opportunities the MC has to shoulder. Connecting to his now estranged family and preparing for another unfortunate "kidnapping" are some of the themes which were touched upon and will probably become more prevalent in the future.

    Grammar and reader-interaction is top notch.

    World and characters are nicely done with a surprising depth.

    Reading recommended!

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: ch199

    Reading some of the other reviews make me think nobody reads the synopsis. This novel focuses on what happens after a man has been summoned, done his mission as a hero and has to find his place in society whilst the threat of being summoned again is always looming over his head.

    It's also realistic. He has relationships and not all of them work out. Sure there might be some wish fulfillment in there but it's in basically every novel. Sometimes you want to punch a wall and sometimes you want to puke rainbows. 

    The author knows how to write and that's a big plus in general, good grammar, regular updates. 

    If your going to read this, done judge it until after his 2nd summoning. That's when things kick off...

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: 200 the next logical step

    I have read 200 chapters and my assessment of this work is 3/5. I can confidently say that this is not a masterpiece.

    I'll start with the points that I didn't like.

    1 Strong negative attitude towards the whole world. Not excluding the immediate environment of the protagonist. The author sees the whole world in black and white (and let's not go with silly racism).

    2 The blatant absurdity of events. (No one would have let the protagonist do what he wants, and he would have just been shot.)

    3 Significant lack of information to write about what the author writes about. Why write about areas of the real world that you haven't studied enough? Especially if you cannot hide the feeling that you are writing about something that you do not understand. In the end, it's the subtleties that make the pieces good.

    4 The ground has not been prepared for the actions of many characters. We see only the actions, but not their reasons, because of which the nature of the characters crumbles before our eyes.

    5 Terrible tempo of the piece, which does not allow to feel the situation of the characters. Author why in such a hurry?

    6 And many other little things that affect the pleasure of reading a work. The sudden interruption of the story is one of them.

    7 It's boring sometimes.

    And now the pros.

    1 Unsuccessful attempt to create a fairy tale. (Everyone loves fairy tales.)

    2 Crystal. (Yes, the character is ranked # 2 on the good list.)

    3 Tricks. (The only originality of the piece.)

    4 The absurdity of the work. (Absurdity helps to pay less attention to various errors in the work).

    5 Some good jokes. (But unfortunately only good ones).

    6 And that's all. All that I have not listed, little things that only brighten up the shortcomings of the work, and which are not visible under them.

    I have doubts that I will return to this work and to the author ever. That is why I am leaving this review now.

    P.S. Sorry for the probably bad English, as it's not my native language. I have read this work and also wrote this review with the help of a translator. (To which, however, I am already accustomed, and I know how to use it).

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: c200

    I started to read this for two reasons- 18+ content and portal fantasy and thing is as close as it gets to perfection.

    The more I read, higher the importance of plot has become to the point where now I wait for a new chapter, checking in almost everyday but it's been months since the last update but I still have hope as the others works of the author are still contiuning.

    I understand the negative reviews but it's preferance I guess. Writing this so that maybe the author can at least end it as it is with a closing chapter or two? Or contiure writing, I can only hope.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: 011 shopping surprises

    Chapter 1 starts of very solid, albeit a bit off from what I had expected, and then Chapter 2 thrusts us into a flashback, where we get the typical time skip stuff to gloss over a very generic hero story (Would have preferred an interesting hero story). And then the flashback kind of just doesn't end. Then you re-read the synopsis and really that this is the story. Not the interesting bit in Chapter 1, but the crap in between.

    How's the stuff in between you might ask? I mean, just imagine what would happen if you let a horny 15 year old teen write a story anonymously. This is what you'd get really. Rocket Nipples. Should I go more indepth and explain it? Nah.

    Anyways I'll update the review if I continue to read it.

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    3 Likes · Like
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