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/ Series / Naya The Witch Hunter
Naya The Witch Hunter
Naya The Witch Hunter
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4.8 (22 ratings)
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Naya had an easygoing life in the Elven capital, living off her mother's success as a powerful Arcanist as she enjoyed a life of luxury.

However, everything shattered when she awoke one morning with memories of the last week gone. What greeted her when she stepped outside her home were the scornful, disgusted stares of her brethren and the Elven guard there to drag her before the Tribunal.

Found guilty of murder, Naya was banished from the Elven lands, stripped of her name, and told the only hope she has of returning is to exterminate all witches. A monumental task, but possible given her lifespan.

Now, she wanders about the mortal lands with a strange voice in her head, taking on far more than what she set out for.

ActionAdventureFantasyGirls LoveMartial ArtsSupernatural
Anti-Magic Arrogant Characters Beautiful Female Lead Elves Famous Protagonist Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Lack of Common Sense Mysterious Past Romantic Subplot Sharing A Body Strong to Stronger Witches
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Table of Contents
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