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/ Series / Rotten Purity: A MHA Fanfic
Rotten Purity: A MHA Fanfic
Rotten Purity: A MHA Fanfic
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4.7 (47 ratings)
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There's a discord. Not sure if I'm breaking some unspoken popularity requisite, but oh well. :D

(Villain Deku; My Hero Academia Fanfic)

Think to yourself, just this one little question-
"What if the Sludge Villain never got away?"

Warnings: Gore, Murder, Suicide, Bullying, Depression, Self-harm.
Updates... Saturdays, now. (Sorry guys, I would like to update this more often, but the school's got me on an 8+ hour workday because of my AP classes. I don't have the time. At least the book should be finished soon :3)

I don't own the picture itself, and if the artist wants it taken down I will do so immediately.
I did make the cover though.

ActionFanfictionMartial ArtsPsychologicalTragedy
My Hero Academia
Apathetic Protagonist Based on an Anime Bullying Calm Protagonist Character Growth Conflicting Loyalties Death Depression Distrustful Protagonist Gore Multiple Identities Murders Past Plays a Big Role Philosophical Scheming Suicides
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      Status: c——~(59)~——
      Aug 2, 2020

      A really well thought out and executed story in my opinion. I personally don't like canon mha for a number of reasons (read deku, deku and uh lemme see deku) but this story does an excellent job of actually developing him into a likeable charcater even if hes a villain.

      The psychological aspect of it is very good as the author does an excellent job at explaining charcater motivations behind the things they do, including some side characters at times.

      Grammar is consistently excellent throughout the story for people who obsess over that.

      Also join the discord is great fun :p

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      Status: c——~(44)~——
      Jun 27, 2020

      Looking good.

      The story runs in-depth character observation so we can see the changes the protagonist goes through as time passes. I need to say that I am not a fan of MHA myself because of how the story developed itself and thought this would develop the same way. I was gladly mistaken (mcl dunno). It lives to the description and the author's fidelity to the original character's personality is the cherry at the top. 

      I would recommend this one even with the edgy moments since each one of them contributes to the story on their own way.

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      Status: c——~(44)~——
      Jun 27, 2020

      It's pretty good!

      I do not know whether or not people read reviews on this website but here's mine regardless. And please take note that I am pretty bad at reviews.

      I did not pay attention to grammar but I'm pretty sure that it's not really a problem. I'm just here to tell you what I like about this story.

      Obviously, the character development for deku certainly changed in a different manner than the anime the same case could be said for the different characters. With the most obvious one being bakugo. And since the author follows the anime's timeline deku more or less still has influence on all of them. Being the main character and all. Bakugo still matures just way, way more faster. And Todoroki still accept's his father's quirk.

      As for deku's personality. All I could say is. Great! If the author's intention is giving him a hopeless vibe. Which I'm more than convince it is. They have more or less succeed. He's hopeless yes, but enough for him to become evil? No. In fact one of his goals is to take down all for one. Deku is simply a villain because of circumstance. He doesn't kill because he wants to. But rather because he thinks that's the only option left for him.

      I wanna use the part where Kurogiri almost brought them to a part of the ocean deep enough for them to die to water pressure as a metaphor.

      I think (personally) that the author intended to show us something with this scene.

      Think about it like this. Normal people see the deep ocean along with the creatures that live there as scary and they are scared to go there (Unprotected atleast. There are things called submarines. But just think of it as a some sort of mental capacity.) For the pressure is too much for them to handle. But what about the other way around? What about those living under all that pressure and have adapted to live that way? They themselves could not resurface because they would die (although this is untrue for all of them. A species of snail that live down in the deep ocean actually melt once brought to the surface) No longer able to see the light of day. They have no choice but to live in constant darkness. Very few people one know about them because they never really confronted each other. And those that did either ignored or are looking at them from a distance. Simply observing what's happening to them.

      I feel like this is the type of mentality deku has. He knows he could no longer live in the surface so he chose to stay in the deep. But those from up above could still carry him back up there given that his mentality is quite strong. Kinda like that deep sea crustacean that the Japanese used to put on their aquarium. Who knows? Maybe someday with the help from others he really will go back up to the surface.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c——~(40)~——
      Jun 18, 2020

      haha, the first review is mine, even tho no one uses it. The Psychological parts really get in to you and makes you think "aw man, how great my life is" and think how great it is to be sane. The grammer is a 10/10. Characters are a 10/10 (would be 11/10 if bakugo was gone lmao). Plot is 11/10. Overall it's great.

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