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/ Series / Rise of The Multiverse Family
Rise of The Multiverse Family
Rise of The Multiverse Family
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After an endless amount of eons has passed since he reincarnated in the new world, staring at the infinite void of nothingness, countless corpses filled the void, he felt envy rather than anger, every supreme god either has a family or an alliance enough to support them to the supreme position.

I envied them, I envied them that I created an artifact to make my own family, yet, here I am, and before I could start, I was besieged by the gods. Never would I have known that the artifact I made would surpass the Supreme God Grade, and cause heavy fluctuation in the endless void, which every God senses after I finish it, Gods fluck in with everything they got, to take the opportunity to ascend beyond the Supreme God.

"Give it up to the Space-Time Deity, Hand over the supreme artifact to us!" A Supreme God shouted at Liam.

Liam heavily injured knows he can't last any longer after these supreme gods make their moves,
Liam nearing his death, sighed and looked at the artifact he just finished creating. A tree with countless branches that look like galaxies and endless leaves like the stars, Handing the artifact that took him hundreds of eons of years to be made, just to be taken by others was not something he could let happen.

"If you desire it so much, then no one can have it!!" gathering all the fragmented godheads in the corpses of the gods onto his godhead, reaching the very limit of the godhead, overflowing with Primordial Force compress to the very limit of the Primordial Force, the godhead of space-time glowed, at this moment, a light appeared as if the big bang that started a universe appeared.

"Noo!" The gods shouted, but before they could even start their escape, an overwhelming light enveloped everything in sight.


As the light passes through the countless universes, time reverses the destruction of the universes, some reversed to the beginning of their birth, nothing escaped time...

ActionFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsRomanceSlice of Life
Age Regression Army Building Artifacts Beautiful Female Lead Clan Building Confident Protagonist Empires First Love Game Elements God Protagonist Hidden Abilities Hiding True Identity Interdimensional Travel Kingdom Building Kingdoms Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Multiple Timelines Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnation Skill Books Skill Creation Time Skip Time Travel World Hopping
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