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Reincarnation of a Worthless Man
Reincarnation of a Worthless Man
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"Argh, how did my life end up like this?!"

There was once a boy who's well-loved and popular with his peers. His smile could melt an adult's heart and his easygoing and sweet nature attracted a lot of girls who became his admirers.

Little did he know that such a blessed life wouldn't last forever.

Now, he is an ugly, overweight adult, working a job he doesn't like, and leading a life he doesn't want. No women want to be near him, let alone be his girlfriend, or even his wife. He is an oversized gear in a machine that doesn't even welcome him.

When he gets fired from his job, it is the last straw from him. He remembers his life as a kid, and now good and beautiful it was.

"I don't want this. I don't want this anymore!"

"I would be better off dead than having to live like this for a second longer!"

Suicidal, he passes by a flooding river, as there is a storm that day. He immediately thinks of throwing himself there, ending it once and for all.

And he does. But not because he actually has the balls to kill himself via drowning, but because he sees a little girl being carried down the river by the strong current.

In a split second, he decides that it would be better if she lives, even if he has to die in the process.

And he does. He saves her, throwing her into the side of the river. But then his legs, rarely ever used, suddenly cramp. He can do nothing as he is swallowed by the waves.

"Aah, it would be nice if I could be reincarnated into a fantasy world, like in those stories... I can do it all over, and do it better this time around..."

His wish is granted. When he wakes up, he's no longer his old, adult self. He's a baby, living in an entirely new world.

This is his story.
This story would have both happiness and hardships, heartwarming and sad moments, as well as romance that doesn't just end in a kiss. This is a harem story that will end up in a genuine polygamous relationship. It's also an adventure story, though it would stay as a slice-of-life for a good while as MC grows up.

Updates are usually posted every two days.

The story so far:
Childhood Arc:
Our protagonist was reincarnated as Hugo Greenwood, the son of a knight and an ex-adventurer. He had two siblings, an older sister and a younger one that was born later. He also asked his parents to adopt an ill-abused orphan girl into his family, who quickly became smitten towards him.

All weren't roses and rainbows however, as at his tenth birthday, his older sister was kidnapped by one of the rulers of a foreign country.

Adventurers Age Progression Brother Complex Caring Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Death of Loved Ones Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Doting Older Siblings Doting Parents Emotionally Weak Protagonist Hard-Working Protagonist Loli Love Interest Falls in Love First Multiple POV Older Love Interests Perverted Protagonist Polygamy Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Romantic Subplot Second Chance Slow Romance Strong to Stronger Tsundere
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      New jojo7845
      Status: c105
      Sep 7, 2020

      I started out really enjoying the story, but I've stopped doing so since the beginning.

      The emotional response the characters have are all over the place. It's as if most of the characters have dual personalities and do sh*t against their personality every time the writer wants to shake things up.

      This could have been a reasonable good story if the writer had the ability to create characters the readers could believe in. A personality don't change at a flip of a switch.

      An example would be when the parents of the MC died. The character would probably have stayed with his sister. If he would have had a sudden break of personality, then he would probably have either stayed and f**ked his sister, or ran and found the first girl he could f**k. A person that breaks usually degrades down to baser instincts, and the writer has made it clear that the baser instinct in this case is "the protagonist is perverted".

      EDIT: The problem might be that the author doesn't seem to have a plan, but instead writes stuff based on his mood or stuff that he read between writing chapters. I'm not against getting inspiration, but I think the author should sit down, define his characters, so that he can ask the question "what would my character do in this situation", so that he can get some cohesiveness to the story and characters.

      EDIT 2: I don't mean to sound overly critical, maybe it came off that way though. As I said previously, I really enjoyed the story at the beginning. I think the writing is at least average, if not better, compared to many other web novels I've read. I mean, I've read all chapters posted so far, so there is potential there. I just really have issues with the characters and the overall cohesiveness of the characters and the story, which is a big deal for me.

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      New YoraeDragon
      Status: c103
      Sep 3, 2020

      This story is bad. Why? Because there are as of chapter 103 two novels here.

      The first part is a light-hearted novel about a guy that couldn't find worth in his own life, being given a second chance to live a better life being reborn. He has no cheats, he tries hard and gets little by little better at living. Has relationship, a family, etc. Until here it is a 5/5 novel.

      But then author decides to rape the light-hearted side of the novel and go at it George R.R. Martin style. With the excuse of being realistic he just basically destroys every setup he did, making the rest of the chapters miserable and depresing, wondering how a suicidal guy that reincarnated from a bad place, ending up in an even worse place, and still not ending it. At this side of the story I wouldn't even give a 1/5, but I can't rate lower than that.

      If I really wanted a realistically sad and depresing story, I would see the news. 2020 is miserable enough, I don't need to read a novel to feel that way.

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      8 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 69: fiora’s lesson
      Jun 25, 2020

      The Mushoku Tensei itche scratcher.

      Ever since I finish reading Mushoku Tensei, I went on to other Isekai novels to try to fill that void. Some of them were interesting, I got into korean novels as well because of it. However, nothing really felt like Mushoku Tensei.

      This novel fills that void for me and better. There's a bit of lewds and probably more in the future, not that softcore fanservice that I've been desensitized to, but actual lewds. The tags you see, incest, harem, etc, are real and the author isn't afraid to put in lewds so if you're not into that stuff, you've been warned.

      Even at chapter 69, I'd still say this novel is just starting, there's alot of character moments that fills it which I love. Those character moments give us small bits of characterizations to each of the characters. Sometimes the author gives us other POVs which is a really nice touch and should be used more often for characters we start to like.

      However, some readers of this novel find our MC, Hugo, to be a bit annoying. For a reincarnated person, he doesn't seem like one at all, but for a virgin, completely believable. 

      There isn't as much lewds as Rupegia, but it's far more than just normal fanservice. 


      There's actual masturbation descriptions and will likely have s*x scenes in the future.

      Honestly I wouldn't mind it if the lewds reached closer to Rupegia, so long as the character's don't lose their personalities. Much of Rupegia's problem with its characters is that their MC's harem is categorized by their fetishes instead of their fetishes being part of their character. 

      If you need an adult version of Mushoku Tensei, this is your novel.

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      8 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 62
      Jun 15, 2020

      Is a good Story but IT clear to be going to be Story we're the MC is bullied and abuse to change and the Girls will alywas be in the right cause He Likes big boobs and so...^^ you can read it If you Like that is a good Story.

      Pro: (No actul Spoiler for the Story)


      Writing style is very good and I can only say that if I  ever would worte my own story, this style would be the best for me and one I would try to have. 

      The Harem is also good balance in itself is not an instant love for the girls nor do I see any "big" problem with the personality of the girls 

      The have all they  own wishes and thoughts  plus Incest is wincast

       Mage System is not too complex and MC is not an OP nor is he someone who can or understand everything straight away  by first time use it 

      MC is a human he has mistakes and does stupid things, sometimes he seems too childish because he is mentally actually older but the other point who I will later point out in the Cons.

      -World Building is a 4/5 the is still room to improve but He story is stil in the Beginn and so it can easy becoming better.




      -Nicole and Bitch Princess 

      both characters are introduced in the last 2 chapters Nicole is someone who is a good person at the outside and has good look [will be used to let her Manipulatien the MC in doing this Bodyguard sh*t]  but is very naive and stupid in the inside. After Witness the Princess  emotionally and physically injured  Hugo for no reason she call it  that it is "hard love" disregarded that Hugo has just lost half his family in a very brutal way disregard the fact that this princess, who wants to become a  queen, owns has not show any  Leadership Talent, a true Queen or King can Inspiral  her subject to obey her or follower her by reason and Logic plus by kindness and humility Bitch Princess don't own any of  of these things even whether the next chapter explains that there are any reasons for behavior. 

      she has a 10 year old boy who can use a Grandmaster spell insulted  and made him prolly dislike her so how is that a leader that is worth following even in the risk to endanger the future husband of a former friend? 

      Princess - arrogant and selfish -

      think because she has a certain view Point trows some things everyone should act like her.

       - She only thinks because she is supposedly a princess, she can insult Hugo personality and downplay his pain and tell him in the face that his family would be alive if he were stronger. 

      It to notice that if she were stronger herself as the act she would not need the help of a 10 year old, Princess why do you only have a maid and a friend with you? how comes you mighty one got only two woman one your side right now? could it be your only a brat who thinks the world should be Listing to you?

      Her (Bitch) Pain will be used for Hugo to disregard his feelings for her but that's bullsh*t of a excuse to the reader WE have to forgive her sh*t because she had it hard the MC has to risk his Life for her because He is Trash and can only be saved by becoming a Bodyguard for a Person who downplay him as human and use is emotional stress for her own gain. 


      He is a Japanese man in his  later 20s or eary 30s and still act  most of the time worse then some Kids in the world He came in.

      he was a bad person (past) in the sense that he disregarded his family and treated them badly. well that's a good reason not to be perfect but why is he so incredibly childish? in spirit he is older than his current sister but more often she looks more grown up than he. he apparently only learns if he is emotionally abused. he understands some of the mistakes he has made, but again he does not react at all to make them better or goes to extremes. - he does not speak his opinion clearly and let so himself be  insults and instructs of how He  is a coward  by  Others over and over again.

      The world seems to  only be pleace who where everbody got a Ego that is If treat by a word of a kid the have to Insult and attack this Kid... chill Guys :D 

      His little sister seems to go the "hate" Brother route  because He could't protect his Father and mother against a Powerful Mage.. sure why not.


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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 37: vera marjoram
      May 17, 2020

      A very competently written isekai that I'm definitely dropping. Simply put I bothered to actually read the comments and thus know some spoilers. Frankly I just don't like the way the story is about to go.

      Yes I'm being vague on purpose. 

      Read More

      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 100: the master alchemist
      Aug 28, 2020

      First of I love this story ! Clearly a nominee for Pulitzer Prize

      I recommend this to people who :

      - like a main character who could as well be you dear review reader. A character who due to bad luck fell into hikikomorism and self hatred but has the chance to reincarnate hence the name "Reincarnation of a Worthless Man"

      -  like (at least in regard to other novels relativly)   realistic harem story. In which love is not only expressed in words but also with certain actions (͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) . Even if you hate harems in stories it is not not like every girl likes the MC and therefore the MC has a harem. Rather the MC falls in love a with different girls at the same time and has to cope with feeling like an as**ole for doing that. I mean even some girls hate the idea of being part of a harem (very intriguing indeed).


      And at least as of now 100 chapters released there is no harem and every mentioning of a harem is practically criticsim against harems


      - character progression of  every main character. Which the author does with care and thought

      - believable behavior of characters in drastic situations. (Even if some readers hate it sometimes)

      - a relativly logically closed world. As in most things that happen in this other world follows the logic of that world (or the author explains why and how things happend if they seem out of place)

      - lighthearted stories but who can also appreciate a lot of tension 

      - people who like Mushoku Tensei. For me "Reincarnation of a Worthless Man" feels like a progression because the author tries to mix up or even twist reincarnations tropes and cliches 


      for example slave harem farms which educate females to "love" their master and to have no free will of their own


      - like stories in which you can not predict what will happen in the next 10 chapters

      - an author who clearly cares for his community as seen in replies in chapter comments. 

      Read More

      4 Likes · Like Permalink
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