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Master of Entities
Master of Entities
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Note: This is my attempt on creating a decent fanfiction with my horrible grammar skills and pitiful knowledge of English language. —^—

(Lord of the Mysteries + some Magnus Archive Elements )

(Statement of Luwen Gardner, regarding the Magnus Institute and all of the Abnormalities. Original statement given November 23rd 1349. Audio recording by Hayden Miller, Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute, Loen Kingdom.

Statement Begins.)

Year 1349, November 23rd–Journal of Luwen Gardner.

Compulsion... That's it. This isn't a statement! Luwen you're writing on your journal! This behavior is definitely a side effect of working here in this Institute– On this Evil Organization.

In this seventeen? years of my life, I am just a normal and simple civilian in Tingen City of Awwa County. The third child of Gardner family. With a loving family of caring parents and siblings.

Studying as a first year student in Khoy University in History department, with few acquaintances- I could say that my life was as good and simple as I wanted it to be. A dream of good life and becoming very rich, very very rich someday. I am a good example of a simple young man.

Just a few more years, pass the test, graduate and find a job. My dreams are within my reach!

It is a pity that everything that I lived for is 'FALSE.'

One day, they came. Forcing me to open my 'eyes'. Beyonders, Pathways, Potions and Ingredients...

This world isn't as simple as it seems, and the Magnus Institute- An old evil organization who was beyond and mysterious to the eyes of beyonders...

Buried, Corruption, Dark, Desolation, End, Eye, Flesh, Hunt, Lonely, Slaughter, Spiral, Stranger, Vast and Web. Ex-

In the game of authority, gods and organizations, I have a feeling that " they–the Magnus Institute shouldn't be here. "

Note: Lord of the Mysteries and Magnus Archives belongs to their rightful creators and they aren't definitely not mine.

AdventureFanfictionFantasyMysteryPsychologicalSlice of LifeSupernatural
Lord of the Mysteries Magnus Archive
Biography Clones Comedic Undertone Conflicting Loyalties Conspiracies Cowardly Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Distrustful Protagonist Emotionally Weak Protagonist Evil Organizations Mysterious Past Phobias Religions Righteous Protagonist Secret Organizations Timid Protagonist
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