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Since we were little we dreamed of something otherworldly, impossible, unachievable and with the passage of time those dreams faded away, but did not disappear.
We grew up, but the fire in us did not go out and became a volcano about to erupt.
Witnes the story of a man with the dreams crushed by reality ,does in a world where the very concept of reality is bent by the beings inhabiting it.

Welcome to OFFWORLD!

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsMatureSupernatural
Accelerated Growth Alternate World Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Artifacts Average-looking Protagonist Beastkin Body Tempering Crazy Protagonist Cultivation Dark Evil Gods Fast Learner Game Elements Grinding Loneliness Low-key Protagonist Magic Magic Beasts Mutated Creatures Religions Selfish Protagonist Transported into Another World Zombies
  1. RAGE 1Sep 19, 2020
  2. Rescue 7Sep 5, 2020
  3. Rescue 6Sep 4, 2020
  4. Rescue 5Sep 3, 2020
  5. Rescue 4Sep 3, 2020
  6. Rescue 3Sep 2, 2020
  7. Rescue 2Sep 1, 2020
  8. Rescue 1Aug 30, 2020
  9. Brute Force 6Aug 29, 2020
  10. Brute Force 5Aug 29, 2020
  11. Brute Force 4Aug 28, 2020
  12. Brute Force 3Aug 27, 2020
  13. Brute Force 2Aug 26, 2020
  14. Brute Force 1Aug 25, 2020
  15. Screams 7Aug 24, 2020
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      Status: rescue 7
      Sep 13, 2020

      I really wanted to like this. It has all the caracteristics I usually look for; well planned storybuilding, interesting world/system ideas, characters that has at least some growth.

      What got me, is the writing style. It reads (in my opinion) like a hybrid screenwrighting / light novel, wich seems to be a fairly popular way of writing these days. If the wrighter is really good, it might work. Most times it doesn't, it ends up looking like it's written by a 15 year old, or as a transcript off texting for a sensory impaired audience. Here is one example: 


      "Good, good that's good to hear. The old man is just about finished with the preparations so in about five minutes we will start our job.


      You remember the job don't you?

      As long as I get my information first everything is ok, but if you screw up hehe..


      Pure wind elemental energy was released from the man and the air around his seemed to twist.


      What finally made me give up, was when the rules for the writing style started to change. Inner dialogue became speech, descriptions has questionmarks, etc, etc.

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      Status: c5
      Oct 15, 2020

      Good day author. This comment is mainly for you, maybe reviews are more likely to reach you. Your story is great. Ideas, characters (well I’ve only read of mc) description, but your grammar and punctuation ruins it. I am assuming you are not a native English speaker or it isn’t your first language, so it would do wonders if you use a text checker e.g Grammarly or hire an editor. For those who want to read the book, bookmark it and wait for author to edit it. It is worth waiting for, but currently I didn’t have an enjoyable experience reading.

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