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Reincarnated As A Crystal Beast
Reincarnated As A Crystal Beast
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I woke up one day to find myself as an aardwolf pup, surrounded by many cute and mischievous siblings and doting parents.
When I slept, I dreamed of being something else: a different creature entirely, living in a different - yet familiar - world.
Now, I am a crystal beast: contracted to a tamer - forever bound to a life of servitude and separation from my family.
My dreams become more vivid as time passes, and I'm beginning to realise it was me in those scenes...
...who am I? Who was I?
For now...I am simply a crystal beast.
For now, I am his partner.

[Author's note:]
Entry for the Adventum Contest.
Main Theme: Reincarnated as an X (Anything non-human)
Possible Extra Theme: Combination of Magic and Technology

Hope you all enjoy reading this!
Feedback, reviews, ratings and favourites would be appreciated!
*huggles you all*


ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMysterySlice of LifeTragedy
The Adventum Contest
Age Progression Appearance Changes Beast Companions Beasts Character Growth Contracts Dreams Fantasy World Magic Magic Beasts Master-Servant Relationship Narcissistic Protagonist Non-human Protagonist Non-humanoid Protagonist Race Change Reincarnation
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      This is great. I cant find any significant flaws at all.

        The charectors are well written with most of them (The Mc) being a perfect blend of comedy and seriousness. Actions are well described like the play scenes between sibling sin the start is just the cutest. The charectors actions make sense and are logical, at least from the charectors perspective. There is no sign of intentionally dumbing anybody or anything down to forcibly move a scene forward.

        This is a great read with a fun protagonist, interesting story, and excellent world building.

        I guess the boy flaw would be that the author tends to be indirect with certain things, providing the proper information a chapter or three later but that's also pretty fun. Nothing feels better than figuring things out with a few clues.

      All in all I really reccomend this

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      Status: announcement 2 – update on things

      Wow.  Just wow. 

      This story is great.  The combination of fluff, drama, adventure and other elements felt so natural, I breezed through the chapters! I'm surprised this story isn't getting the attention it deserves. 

      Miss Author did a great job especially in writing her characters and their interactions.  It's what I enjoy best in stories. I wish I could write like that. 

      Do give this story a try.  I'm sure it'll be a refreshing break from demon lords, bombshell vixens and smut. 

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