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/ Series / Ascended Pawn: Destined as Sacrifice
Ascended Pawn: Destined as Sacrifice
Ascended Pawn: Destined as Sacrifice
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Amara stood upon the fields, watching the dust rise as the demons made their advance in the distance. Behind her stood the mortals, whom she for the last millenium was told were nothing but fodder. Just like herself.
A smile grew on her face as the wind cooled her lips, wetted by the only one who thought otherwise.
And Amara was going to prove to one and all that her support had not been a wasted effort.
She raised her arm, giving the command she had waited a thousand years to give.
The blue sky began glittering, and like falling stars, her hidden ace made their arrival known.
In the eternal war between the gods, two gods decide upon a temporary armistice for a millenium.

The final battle to end the war between the two gods - the creators or angels and demons respectively - will be decided upon one of the contested mortal worlds.
Two champions, have a thousand years to prepare themselves.
On one side, a demon lord, increasing his power and building an army of demons.
On the other, a mortal human, chosen as a sacrifical pawn, granted ascension to divinity.
No further aid nor allies will be granted to either of them.

Let the game begin.

A woman from Earth, is chosen as champion in a war between celestial beings.
Follow her, as she prepares for war - a daunting task which is an uphill battle on it's own, where none expect her to emerge victorious. Except one.
This is a somewhat mixed lighthearted-heavy story, where the first arc is about the MC trying to increase her power as she prepares. However, as she soon realizes, it's a hopeless task. And as she isn't allowed to ask anyone for help - she will simply have to create her own.

First few chapters, up to chapter 03, have a fast pace. Thereafter the pace slows down.
From the author: This is my first story, which I'm writing as practise before I publish my more favoured ideas. As such, I'd be most grateful for your thoughts on it - the good, but more importantly, the bad. Be honest.
Thank you in advance, and I hope you enjoy!

ActionComedyFantasyGirls LoveIsekaiLitRPGMechaRomanceSci-fi
Scribbly Anniversary V2
Angels Army Building Artificial Intelligence Demons Female Protagonist R-15 Romantic Subplot Weak to Strong
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