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/ Series / Master Druid in Hogwarts
Master Druid in Hogwarts
Master Druid in Hogwarts
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4.4 (20 ratings)
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This is the story of a kitten that acquired druid spells from another world and the wizards mistook it for an animagus.

If you want to support me and give me some motivation to continue translating this novel, you can do it through Patreon:

*I don't own the copyright of such fanfic nor the contents of the novel nor the Harry Potter book.

*This novel is not mine, it is obtained from a Chinese fan-fic platform*.

ActionComedyFanfictionRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Harry Potter
Appearance Changes Based on a Movie Body Swap
Table of Contents 240
Reviews 2
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 7: animagus?

    Not a bad story so far, but the actions of the MC in the first chapter cemented my dislike for him, because of that I kept looking at him in a negative light and wishing him ill. Personally, I'm not going to be able to enjoy the story because of that. My review is based solely on that.

    For those who want to know what happened.


    The story starts with a transmigrator returning from a magical world in which he was a high level mage (No System). However, he is in the wrong time period, heavily injured, and dying, he starts using an ancient magical artefact he stole in the other world in hopes of saving himself. In the final seconds before he eats it and saves himself, it gets stolen and eaten by a random kitten, insinuating the transmigrator mage I just got history and backstory for is dead, tho this is ambiguous. That kitten is the actual MC.


    Yes, I know I'm not giving the story a fair chance, but when I've developed an innate dislike for the MC in the first chapter, it sours my entire experience.


    Yes he's a mindless kitten at the time and doesn't know better, yes the mage stole it, but killing the first character I've started to relate to in a way that doesn't come off as comedic, or righteous makes me feel like the MC spot was stolen.



    I think It's because the entire chapter sets up the mage as the MC, the twist isn't the issue, it's the execution. If the mage did something stupid to lose the artefact and then got run over by a truck, I wouldn't have minded. If the artefact fell out of a hole burnt into his pocket, I wouldn't have minded. If the cat walked up to him, and he dropped the artefact on its head, and it ate it before looking up to him for more pats, I wouldn't have minded, hell I would have found the Chaos the MC caused up to chapter 7 highly entertaining, but because I see him in a negative light, I keep hoping bad things happen to him. 


    Weird how one little action


    (Stealing the orb.)

    soured the entire story for me.  Again, this is just my opinion, you might find it funny or forget about it entirely and love this story. But for me, it just made me have the bad kind of resentment for the MC. (The good kind of resentment for me is denoted by a character you love to hate. The bad kind is a character you just hate.)

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    Status: c50

    If we assume that 1 star is hot unreadable garbage, 3 is okay but not revolutionary and 5 is a masterpiece, this falls into the 3 star category.

    It's not really anything great. There's some funny scenes, but this can also feel drawn out with the same gimmick over and over and over again.

    The topic itself is interesting and unique. Can't say I've read anything similar.

    This would have probably worked if the protagonist was a smart character and there was character interaction with say - a kid at the start to bond to. Then go to hogwarts and make a mess.

    It takes a while and even when it gets going it feels like I'm reading something plain.

    I'd say read if you have nothing else or are waiting for new chapter releases on good novels. It's like plain old noodle soup. It doesn't have anything spicy, but it might lift your mood on a rainy day,

    Not gonna give author anything on what to improve, since it's not his novel to begin with.

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