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/ Series / Descent of the Dragon Prince
Descent of the Dragon Prince
Descent of the Dragon Prince
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A dragon prince turned human must come to terms with rewriting events he has never faced before.

How does it feel to get beaten up by the gods? Novus argues that the feeling is terrible, especially when the gods send him to another world, in human form. Despite starting in the worst fighting shape possible, Novus gradually resolves himself of one thing: He'll revenge kick some divine ass. So anybody, especially that damned Hidden Shadow organization, better get out of his way; After a couple of tears and a failed spell. But wait, I can revive? And why does that person seem so familiar? And why can't this system answer any of my damn questions!?

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Adventurers Beast Companions Cautious Protagonist Comedic Undertone Cultivation Curious Protagonist Dragons Elemental Magic Fantasy Creatures Fast Learner Game Elements Gamers Goddesses Gods Handsome Male Lead Identity Crisis Male Protagonist Multiple POV Mythical Beasts Past Plays a Big Role Previous Life Talent Reincarnated into a Game World Secretive Protagonist Virtual Reality Weak to Strong
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