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/ Series / Naruto: Sango’s Story
Naruto: Sango’s Story
Naruto: Sango’s Story
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4.3 (100 ratings)
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Follow the story of Sango, as he lives his new life in the world of Naruto doing everything he wants.

Antihero Protagonist R-18 Scheming Sexual Cultivation Technique Slow Romance
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      Status: chapter 14 – ramen-sensei
      Dec 3, 2019

      This is a pretty nice fanfic. I don't know about the future, but it seems to be heading in the right direction.

      Grammar and Language 5/5, which is incredibly good considering the average level in the site.

      Story 5/5, mostly since it coincides with many of my preferences in how a story should be written.

      Keep up the good work!

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      Status: chapter 32 – upheaval
      Jan 29, 2020

      Loving the Fanfic, its off to a great start, The name (as stated in author's notes) isn't quite there~ some big holes caused by your timeskips though... (This turned into a much larger/deeper review than I was intending 3hrs ago...)

      Your MC is an interesting one so-far this can be good or horrible depending on his later actions, His actions have been simple, and minor-bluffing/acting (Please be careful it doesn't reach Aizen-level~). You've built up His previous life a bit high-performance/contradicting? but that's a pretty standard headache/danger to start with, it can go well, or horrible... Right now, The Resurrection/Ritual itself is accounting for His innovator-level brain amplifying/refreshing His former training/teaching.

      As an author take your time making the story fit together (BEWARE TIMESKIPS! What did your high-performance MC do in that time!), adding a character/new MC to the Naruto timeline causes many domino changes to 'the time/story-line'~ especially sense he can/does use clones to run errands! (Author can use side-novels to detail those timeskips or force them into a flashback later on, just be careful not to overlap/overfill your timeline!)   

      https://naruto. fandom. com/wiki/User:Seelentau/Naruto_Timeline

      Upping the Close-Quarter-Combat and weaponry technology levels can be fancy, entertaining and amazing technobabble, but they can also be very dangerous world-balance changing factors... and now as an author of that advancement Sango (for now his identity is being protected by 3rd hokage) is a valuable and mysterious target for other country's/hidden villages.

      The biggest question/problem I have about Sango right now... is why isn't He (knowing/having-information-of the original storyline and character's) making steps for 'the others' and the future... If You were Sango and You knew Your actions were changing the timeline, would you throw it completely off the tracks and 'F-it' or make a leap-of-faith request/deal of The surprisingly supportive old man to manipulate certain events which are going to happen in the near-future? Having a half-care about Sasuke's running away and Asuma's reputation in the dumps is something that he (as a character) might not care about, but as His personality is displaying, he does want to gather a fancy harem... (and He's being offered the third hokage's 'support' for it!)

      -Konan is the (Akatsuki) hidden rain angel/ruler right now soon to making many choices that she's questioning. (deaths of certain rain-kunoichi) Sango has already proven that he's got little problem changing timelines or taking advantage of mental weaknesses...

      -Can he save/acquire Karin Uzumaki & Her mother? at this time they should be in the hidden grass being abused for their healing ability (mother dies after being over-sucked, when Karin is age 10?)   soon to be at the chunin exams/ claimed by Orochimaru, or is Sango going to let that part of time timeline (with sasuke/orochimaru) play out without Him so that He can acquire Sadara Uchiha later?

      -Several encounters already with Anbu/Root. High-level kunoichi... Force is an available option and lying/acting only partially required! Possible repercussions to Danzo?

      -Soon to encounter Temari preparing to attack Kohona with the chunin exams~ Kazekage's currently dead/replaced by Orochimaru.

      -is Rin Nohara dead in this storyline? or is she still a puppet out there waiting to be saved?

      -send out a clone to get information on the current situations of Fu and Yugito Nii? while Fu was supposedly given Naruto-level of isolation, Yugito was supposedly hailed as a hero? Samui, Mabui,  

      -So many character's "just in the naruto story/Kohona" that are not mentioned~~~ Tenten? Hanabi Hyuga? Natsu Hyuga? Anko? Hana Inuzuka? 

      I will highly advise you to read/check out the fanfic written by TheLemonSage: Eroninja. it has "A LOT" of smut (as expected), but also has an outstanding story! Naruto is no longer 'the' standard retard, "strengthened by s*x (smut) ", and the writer makes sure to note the domino/butterfly effect in the other characters/world (which actually is a high enough level it could be an amazing fanfic without the smut). Reading this set pretty high standards for Me to enjoy fanfics, Which I am enjoying Yours!

      https://ficwad. com/a/TheLemonSage

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