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/ Series / Paradise Pokeball System
Paradise Pokeball System
Paradise Pokeball System
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[WARNING: This contains smut with humans and Pokemon, but in humanoid forms. There will also be all sorts of other kinks and strange things! You have been warned! Lemons included!] {Also check out my OC: 500th Time Reborn!}


Landon was born forty years before the events in Sun and Moon in a slightly alternate timeline that takes place in the Alola region on the island of Melemele. His parents were both scientists studying the native Pokemon of the islands. When Landon was five, his parents took him on a trip to Aether Paradise, where he met Cosmog and bonded with it immediately. From then on, he always wanted to become a Pokemon trainer. When he turned ten, Landon finally got his chance to become a trainer, but in a freak accident, Landon was caught in a rock fall.

For the next 10 years, Landon would be trapped inside a coma, but there was more to the story then that. The location that Landon had been in turned out to be a top secret base for a special organization that has no name. The rock fall was caused by a tremor caused by temporal Gate being force shut after a strange metallic Pokemon tried to crawl though, but was pushed back. Before it was, it had scanned the area, and found Landon about to be killed, and sent a Nano Drone to deliver a special AI that what merge with the boy, and heal his body.

This would take time, and it had taken ten years of Landon laying in bed, but the Pokemon knew that this Trainer would one day be able to find it and free it. The AI would also give him special powers called a System that would be good for this boy because he was special, and he would be able to travel wormholes. And so, when Landon woke up from his coma, he had no idea what had happened, but he knew that he was changed.

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AdultAdventureEcchiFanfictionHaremMatureSlice of LifeSmut
Age Progression Artificial Intelligence Based on an Anime Battle Academy Beast Companions Bickering Couple Body Tempering Character Growth Coma Early Romance Enemies Become Allies Interdimensional Travel Kingdom Building Kuudere Level System Monster Girls Monster Tamer Monsters Parallel Worlds Tsundere Yandere
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    Status: pp sys ch 1: 10 year coma

    We are like 10 chapters in and I can already tell this is going to go places. The grammar is good, the plot exists, and the smut is legit well written. Also, best pokemon premise I've seen... ever on any site. 5/5 as of right now. 

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    Status: pp sys ch 71: cryo unloads

    I like the story and characters so far. The one thing that bothers me besides the occasional typo though, is how short and nondescript the smut can be at times. It would also be nice if the humanoid pokémon got a few more lines to describe their appearance.

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    2 Likes · Like
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