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Alvarest Game
Alvarest Game
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"Not all professionals become the strongest. Sometimes, they are much weaker than one might think." - Daren Ravensburg
A game that attracts prima donnas for some people. Stunning trailers, an interesting game to try and a variety of characters to customize to your heart's content. A game that looks simple and can be enjoyed by many people.
Game developer "Alvarest Game", Skynet Foundation created a simple virtual game, not only from fighting games, however they can play many games. In fact, they can play chess like a royal commander.
However, after entering the game, all the rottenness was clearly visible. Many bugs that cause players can not exit the game. As a result, there was a lot of panic that occurred after 600 thousand players were trapped in the virtual game.
Everyone is asking the Skynet Foundation for bringing them into such danger. No response, Skynet Foundation can't fix the bug because it's been installed permanently. So, they had to make a final choice to escape the virtual game.
In order to escape the game, they had to level up as much as possible in order to make it possible to escape from there. The higher the level reached, the more chances to survive and get out of the deadly game.
However, the problem is only one, they can't die in the real world. Once killed, they had to restart the level from the beginning. It was quite annoying for those who had painstakingly accumulated experience in the game.
Told, a man with two women who get a mutual agreement, Daren Ravensburg will raise the level in order to survive at once.

Based on a Video Game Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Cute Protagonist Cyberpunk Game Ranking System Level System Virtual Reality
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Table of Contents
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