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/ Series / The Ultimate System Wielder
The Ultimate System Wielder
The Ultimate System Wielder
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The edges of time and space met in a single place, Earth. Soon, terror and chaos reign on the whole world as new gates opened followed by a flood of beasts and monsters. The gates rattled the whole world, letting it taste massive destruction.

The world map as everyone now it was not more. The once-great nations fell one by one. Like dominoes, they all stumbled. Great was the fall!

But the skies and heavens hadn't abandoned men. Along with destruction rose new creations. The humans were blessed with the Gifts of the earth. They wielded the power to twist logic and magic.

The myth became realities in the hands of the wielders.

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Author's Note: A total rewrite because I don't like how it turned out. Currently, Patreon exclusive until I rewrite everything.

ActionComedyFantasyHaremLitRPGRomanceSchool LifeSci-fiSupernatural
Accelerated Growth Business Management Character Growth Evil Organizations Fast Learner Friendship Gunfighters Heartwarming Investigations Level System Loyal Subordinates Magic Male Protagonist Management Modern Fantasy Orphans Overpowered Protagonist Personality Changes Post-apocalyptic Proactive Protagonist Romantic Subplot Scheming Sharp-tongued Characters Wars Yandere
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      Status: chapter 3
      Jun 15, 2020

      Well done! Though the occasional error occurs in this story, it's nonetheless a fun romp to read, and I always love a story with a little bit of crime. That being said, I think the system menus could use a little bit more formatting, as they can be rather cumbersome and clunky - but besides that, the characters seem intriguing and the world at large seems pretty neatly constructed. Thanks for sharing!

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      Status: chapter 22: terror
      Aug 25, 2020

      System Wielder is a story set in a post apocalyptic world where void gates have opened up and the world is in utter chaos. Having lost his entire family, the MC unlocks the System

      Ultimate System Wielder is an interesting mesh of several themes popular in webficitons. It's setting feels like western superhero themed. With the character and writing style of CN novels and coupled with a system. And it is good.

      The story has a lot to promise and the author's talent is visible more so in the prologue than anywhere else. The story is only in the first draft and so it is expected to come across grammatical errors. 

      But that should not detract from the fact that the story is well crafted with immense intrigue and character development. The system too has been used with craft. It is not in-your-face and rather provides a context and a push for the ill-motivated MC. It's a system that does not crush the story under its weight.

      All in all I would say that readers should definitely read Ultimate System Wielder to see a beautifully crafted world.

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      Status: chapter 20: the frowning old man
      Jul 2, 2020

      A novel that pleasantly surprised me considering its Chinese novel theme. Coherent, a protagonist with a sense of justice - a rare find among Chinese cultivation novels -, and solid worldbuilding with an unexpected setting. 

      Furthermore, I appreciate the absence of harems and annoying romances so far, albeit the story seems to have a harem tag. No idea if it was recently added.

      To summarise, I am curious where the author will lead us. ^^

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