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I’m Twins
I’m Twins
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Ara ara, don't mistake me. but please if you're in need of info, read this first.
Being killed by his own friends, He, who lost all smiles he built up. a world without a fight is what he wishes. can he achieve that? Brought up by the moon goddess he was given a chance to recover, but at what cost? He who died, Reincarnated in another world. can he still enjoy his life?

[Extra- continuation unrelated from remake. Original]

This is the story of a guy reincarnated in another world.

personally, English isn't my first language nor it is my native language either.
the author learns as the author writes more chapters and by giving recommendations.
please also support the author. if any of the works here were re-uploaded in other sites, this means that that is fake.
Thank you for your support.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGender BenderIsekaiLitRPGSlice of Life
Adventurers Age Progression Alternate World Appearance Changes Caring Protagonist Cute Protagonist Demi-Humans Level System Loli Magic Male to Female Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist with Multiple Bodies Reincarnated into Another World Skill Creation Sword And Magic System Administrator Tragic Past
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      Status: c11 pt 2
      Jun 14, 2020

      Edit: Chapter 11. The grammar has gotten better so I'm gonna raise the rating a star.

      Interesting concept flawed execution. 

      There are really only 2 things dragging this story down (the second is a personal preference) for me.

      1. The grammar is absolutely awful. You CAN understand it but this really does feel like a bad fan translation. 

      2. It's written like a generic Japanese web novel. Meaning there is very little detail, the MC is super OP far before any conflict happens, and basically all the other tropes applicable are likely to appear. (We already have a siscon and cute childhood friend, though we don't know if any romance will happen with either.)

      The twist on the genre is essentially that the MC has 2 bodies from birth with complete control of them.

      Also by chapter 9 MC is like 6 so... If you don't like slow paced stories with OP MCs from infancy probably skip this. I'll continue since my second negative isn't enough to make me drop it unless the story ends up complete trash or I hate the MC.

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      Status: -chapter: 11 an alter ego (tina...
      Jun 17, 2020

      If I had to use only one sentence:"An aura of joy and happiness"Well here's a brief summary, it's a story of a teenage boy being reincarnated into another world filled with magic, the plot twist here is... he got reincarnated as two girls, twins to be exact, think of it as him housing two bodies with duplicate souls.

      What makes it fun to read, firstly it shares a lot of joyful moments, this is more of a comedy read. It also show some siscon moments, no I'm serious, hugging while in bed, dressing up, well there will be many more to come perhaps so you should be more hopeful. As I said, "An aura of joy and happiness".I've said the positive things, now on to the negatives. I'm not one to boast in having great capitalization but the thing is, lots of the content, no most of it, has errors in capitalization which can be hopefully ignored when compared to others who misspell words. There's also that weird personality of the main character,  


      although he was a teenage boy he acts a lot like a girl, in fact he openly accepts being dressed up as one and never bothered changing back to his boyish attire nor pleaded to have one to his/her parents

      , not being negative though but I'd rather have remembered the MC as a girl if that's the case either way 😂. There are other things too but it's a bit too vague for now, so it will be disregarded in this review. 

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      Status: -chapter: 9 run away from sharon
      Jun 15, 2020

      Very interesting concept and a great read so far.

      There are some spelling mistakes, but nothing that makes it unreadable. 

      Looking forward to see how the story will turn out.

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