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/ Series / Shattering The Heavens
Shattering The Heavens
Shattering The Heavens
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In this world,special people called Heavenly Practioners,cultivate powers which are borrowed from mythical gods and heavenly beasts.

But our protagonist, a 16 year old boy, Lieyan Ling was unfortunate enough to be born as a normal human in a world of power like this. His luck was terrible and he was bullied and mocked despite being born into a sect where his own father was the sect master. His brother betrayed the sect and as a result his mother was expelled from the sect by his own father. And Sect master also made him a servant of the second young mistress.

Can luck be any better than this? Who knows? But Ling swore to become stronger to regain the things he has lost. But will he be able to fight against his fate and rebel against the heavens.... Only time will tell.

Battle Competition Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Character Growth Clever Protagonist Cruel Characters Cultivation Cunning Protagonist Demonic Cultivation Technique Demons Destiny Determined Protagonist Elemental Magic Evil Gods Fantasy Creatures Fast Learner Godly Powers Gods Heaven Heavenly Tribulation Hidden Abilities Hiding True Abilities Martial Spirits Ruthless Protagonist Xuanhuan
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