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The Novel’s Redemption
The Novel’s Redemption
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So… right about now your probably wondering… who am I? Tobias Amadeus Junior! High-School Student, genius (self-proclaimed), and amateur novelist at your service… I won’t bore you though with irrelevant details of my previous life.

What is important is I seem to somehow be in the starting room of my novel… Although the room isn’t that unique by itself. After all, a pure white marble room with no doors somehow doesn’t seem that unique in the omniverse anymore. What is important and far more unique is the screen asking me to choice a difficulty level. Well, actually… It might not be important to you… For me, however, it is kind of important. You probably don’t care…

This might seem like a simple decision for anyone in my situation. But... I value my life enough that I would just choose easy mode and be done with it. Unfortunately, this decision isn’t that simple... mainly because (if this is my novel) there is the slight issue with that plan. The corrupted monsters, monstrosities, slowly leading this universe toward destruction… Ugh... Right about now I wish I could punch my past self who wrote that crap…

Author here! Now for whatever reason you decided to read this description (I cannot really imagine why). I would like to quickly mention that my story has taken inspiration from many other tales that exist specifically mentioning Novel’s Extra and Tutorial is Too Hard as major influences. While there is some suggestive content that would (probably) bump the age rating up to 13+, there is no explicit sexual content in this story.

My current plan for releasing chapters is to release two per week.
Friday, @ noon. (est) & Monday, @midnight.

Animal Characteristics Magic Magical Technology Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Special Abilities Unreliable Narrator
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      Status: c120
      Apr 18, 2020

      Making it to chapter 25, I wish both the MC and his creator re banished from this universe. Congratulations - you managed to perfectly capture how an extremely annoying person feels like! Only it isn't just the MC but anyone he comes in contact with. Probably a power or an aura of his, anyone he meets becomes stupid.

      There's the utterly useless and constant POV changes, even within each short chapter (any of the millions or by now even billions of books written the last thousand years shows how it's done  there's a reason why 1st POV and frequent POV changes are only a major thing with amateur writers on the Internet nowadays).

      What is worse than anything else though is that unlike any humans in history, even mortal enemies, just don't talk with each other. Okay they do, but, for example, MC and the original MC (Rin, girl, supposedly the here in the novel the MC wrote, but now that he is in that universe he is the MC at least for us readers) face mortal dangers, and for no reason at all simply refuse to exchange vital information. There is no reason whatsoever to do so, but apparently at some point most of their brains were removed, even though we missed it - there is no other explanation for the refusal to ask one another even the most simple questions, even though they've been together for well over a year by then and the two even march together. F**k THIS SHOT, this author is stupid. Sorry (not really, for this outburst) - but imagine you are walking with another person that you at least slightly like if not more, you are in a dangerous survival situation, and yet you refuse to help one another by exchanging vital information. For no reason (no there is none, I read the story, okay? Just making up extremely fuzzy excuses not a reason make!).

      A simple example for the refusal to talk, MC is with Rin (the "ex-MC") and is wondering about something that she can easily answer, and would too (if she is anywhere near normal) because there is no reason not to. However, he just keeps turning in circles in his head wondering about the question and simply does not ask. There's a lot of such situations where a simple question and answer could be exchanged but both parties refuse to attempt communication, for no reason (they are on friendly terms and have the opportunity and the time), but we get to follow many paragraphs of their internal dialog that does not go anywhere because communication is avoided at all cost (again, for no actual reason).

      Last, the style is annoying as f**k. Especially much of the MC (Tobias) POV. I *don't* want to see that guy's head's insides. Not if the person is made to be as stupid and as annoying as possible. Also, Lots and lots of short single-sentence paragraphs. Sooooo much scrolling! Not to mention that half of that inner dialog can be scrolled over without missing anything at all.

      Compared to the above just an aside, one ability ranks up by counting down from ten, the other one ranks up by increasing from 0 (or 1? I forgot where it started, not important). I'm sure there is a "logic" (completely made up of course) but I missed it and don't care, because even if there is an "explanation" that I missed, it doesn't make sense to needlessly complicate things like that.

      Last but not least, there is the awkward love angle of MC and "ex MC " (Rin), written in as cringeworthy a way as is possible. Just leave that kind of stuff out.

      It's a shame, if it wasn't intentionally made to be so annoying it could be a decent story. As it is, I really want to help the bad guys kill the MC and to let that universe die, taking down the MC (from another, our, universe) with it. I hope the novel has that ending - for once failure and a dead MC don't sound so bad. I must admit though, my personal dislike for people refusing to talk for no reason (I'm not talking about "talk instead of fight" situations when encountering bad people but about non-enemies (allies or neutrals)), which is what way too many stories depend on.

      On the plus side, Stanley's narrator is quite good.


      Stanley is one of those people put into the dying universe, also from the MCs earth (there are multiple universes). He has an ability that is a 3rd person narrator telling his story, always what should happen in the immediate future, so basically telling him what to do, looking like incredible luck to anyone watching. That narrator voice is quite funny.


      A few spelling mistakes can be found in every chapter, or occasionally a wrong word, but not too distracting.

      I skip-read a lot, because there is way too many words for little or no gain. Don't get me wrong I like long stories! But here it often only is lots and lots of useless words and stuff that makes me want to punch someone. The entire "trial" universe starting for many chapters at ca. C100 is a chore to read instead of fun. Why is it there? Unfortunately the only "reason" for tens of the most recent chapters seems to be that the author ran out of ideas for the actual story, or is trying to artificially inflate it. There even is a gender-bender arc in there. There has not been any sign of progress in the supposed main story. It's like that funny commercial of the guy who wanted to fix a light bulb - but got distracted by one problem after another that he had to fix first, until his wife finds him under the car (which he wanted to use to go shopping to buy something needed in a long chain that would, hopefully, eventually lead to him being able to change a light bulb). Yeah, like that.

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      Status: chapter 36: misunderstandings
      May 24, 2019

      I like the story, but the way it's written... It's like reading chat logs for a conversation you don't care about. It's super annoying to read one sentence paragraphs. Not sure why people think this is a great way to write, but reading it is just awful. The Author needs to have someone edit this into a readable format.

      The story itself is good, although the journal style narrative when combined with the chat log style writing kills the flow.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c179
      Nov 19, 2020

      The thing I want to clarify first is that the author clearly improves as the story goes along, both in writing quality and story quality.

      The only real thing I've found to dislike about this story is occasionally things get wordy, and there are occasionally almost entire chapters that could be condensed into a handful of praragraphs. But reading this is definitely worth it.

      Honestly I was debating whether or not to drop this around ch25 which is when stuff started to go a little downhill. I'm glad I didn't though, because this ended up being far better than I expected, giving me that feeling of emptiness that I haven't felt for quite a while. 

      Now just because I loved it so much doesn't mean I'm completely recommending it. A lot of people hate on the MC because he's a coward or doesn't think or whatever, but I think he's a far more realistic MC than most you'll find out there. 

      He's not strong, he's not perfect. He makes mistakes, f**ks up, and comes back from it like the rest of us. If you're looking for a story about a badass MC who crushes opposition through strength and brains, this story isn't for you. But if you want a relatable MC to follow on a journey of life, laughing, crying, and empathizing with, I guarantee you will not regret reading this.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 147: a completed fate
      Jul 13, 2020

      Really enjoing the author's worldbuilding. The writing gots way better, and interactions feel more organic. It's worth the ride 

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      Status: background
      Jun 3, 2020

      Story started out on an interesting premise then continued on in an uninteresting direction. &Nbsp;MC is annoying and seems to fight becoming stronger despite trying to act like a flashy villain or giving away his strengths. Perhaps the most annoying part is listening to his mental tangents. &Nbsp;Once or twice would have been fine but you spend a great deal of him worrying over something that could have been dialogue or action.

      Too many POV changes and time changes makes the story feel more like multiple stories in one. Like Stanley could just be his own story at this point and I would not feel like it changes MC’s line at all. 

      The world building is good. I want to know more but with the current story will probably be on the back burner. 

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      Status: c28
      Nov 17, 2020

       it started very well, but it was falling fast. The MC instead of fighting is thinking random things all the time, not only that his monotonous personality makes everything around him boring. The premise of the story is good, but the execution is not. I believe that if a reboot is done well, the story deserves more than 5 stars.

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      Status: chapter 133: deceit
      Oct 26, 2020

      ill be talking about the problems of the novel mostly, number one relationship between Rin and Tobias sucks since the author has 0 actual love experience. number 2 there are way too many filler paragraphs which dont add anything substantial to the development of the story, just to add a bit more word count to the chapter. number 3 the story was fun until it wasnt, I was expecting a much bigger emotional impact on Tobias after he heard Rin go back in time 3 f**kING YEARS FOR HIS SAKE, she basically lost 3 years and he just say "my smoll lil heart aches" but then changes topic. f**king hell, this is such a horrendously executed dumpster fire, PLEASE KILL ME. I had no problems until chap 50 or so. then the quality began to shrink since the author cant choose between following the never ending stupid f**king drama of Rin and Tobias or whether or not to continue the main story after he actually repaired their relationship and made them a bit more straight forward. one of the most annoying things you can make as an author is making your charactres choose the most complicated and least logical route, like SO MANY THINGS could have been fixed if Tobias and Rin were a bit more honest, mostly Tobias, he still didnt tell Rin anything despite being in love wih her, and the drama still persists even from chapter 60 or 50 until now, chapter 133. f**k... f**k man, I love this, but its ripping my soul and heart out seeing it fall. Early chapters could have been used for him to train, but nah, instead he spent months doing nothing even when he was inside the f**king Decima game, yes, he made a gun, thats it. he has a gun, good, he is trash at close combat since even a high difficulty person can beat him, like, dud, the MC is a Hell difficulty person and get beat by a high level ? wow, im just done, im just f**king done man, I remember there was like a comparison of 100 normal for 1 high difficulty person, so how come 1 high difficulty person can beat Tobias when it should be 100 high difficulty people ? im pretty sure at how the pace goes only Hansoo will actually do something against the monstrosities and maybe Rin if she doesnt stop acting like a child, she is basically older than Tobias at this point, with how much she reloaded. 

      overall story is great, it has a great premise and awful execution

      characters are made all to be antisocial and loners, for some weird reason. 

      updates, pretty good.

      quality of grammar is 3 stars, its good but there are instances of bad sentence structure and typos. 

      3 out of 5. im hugely disappointed, I had no high expectations, I just wanted to read the story, but its becoming more and more depressing the more I read it, I just cant seem to see how a logical and decently intelligent MC became a dense protagonist.

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      Status: c90
      Jan 6, 2020

      I love this novel. It's like The Tutorial is too hard mixed with The Novels Extra and Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. I keep wanting more. 

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      Status: chapter 62: anarchy
      Aug 19, 2019

      Very good. Extremely good. I can't express myself online but just take my word for it. Among all the amateurish novels on scribble hub this is a gem. (Idk whether it's a hidden gem but ya)

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      Status: chapter 17: preparations
      Mar 25, 2019

      Its been interesting so far, currently chapter 17.

      From what I have observed, the MC is not flawless, which is good since having a godlike MC is kinda boring. 

      It's also good that we get to see what other people think of the mc; some see him as a strong person, while other see him as a weakling.

      The writing is good (I suck at writing, so this doesnt amount much)

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