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/ Series / The Novel’s Redemption
The Novel’s Redemption
The Novel’s Redemption
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So… right about now your probably wondering… who am I? Tobias Amadeus Junior! High-School Student, genius (self-proclaimed), and amateur novelist at your service… I won’t bore you though with irrelevant details of my previous life.

What is important is I seem to somehow be in the starting room of my novel… Although the room isn’t that unique by itself. After all, a pure white marble room with no doors somehow doesn’t seem that unique in the omniverse anymore. What is important and far more unique is the screen asking me to choice a difficulty level. Well, actually… It might not be important to you… For me, however, it is kind of important. You probably don’t care…

This might seem like a simple decision for anyone in my situation. But... I value my life enough that I would just choose easy mode and be done with it. Unfortunately, this decision isn’t that simple... mainly because (if this is my novel) there is the slight issue with that plan. The corrupted monsters, monstrosities, slowly leading this universe toward destruction… Ugh... Right about now I wish I could punch my past self who wrote that crap…

Author here! Now for whatever reason you decided to read this description (I cannot really imagine why). I would like to quickly mention that my story has taken inspiration from many other tales that exist specifically mentioning Novel’s Extra and Tutorial is Too Hard as major influences on my creation of this book. I reserve the right to include swearing, gore, etc at a later date (If someone notices a tag or something I forgot to add feel free to message me.). There will be absolutely no sexual content in this story. Though I do reserve the right to add brief mentions of nudity later on in the story in the extremely unlikely scenario I feel the narrative demands it.

My current plan for releasing chapters is to release two per week.
Fri, Sun @ noon. (est)

Animal Characteristics Magic Magical Technology Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Special Abilities
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      New Eukro
      Status: chapter 36: misunderstandings
      May 24, 2019

      I like the story, but the way it's written... It's like reading chat logs for a conversation you don't care about. It's super annoying to read one sentence paragraphs. Not sure why people think this is a great way to write, but reading it is just awful. The Author needs to have someone edit this into a readable format.

      The story itself is good, although the journal style narrative when combined with the chat log style writing kills the flow.

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      Status: chapter 17: preparations
      Mar 25, 2019

      Its been interesting so far, currently chapter 17.

      From what I have observed, the MC is not flawless, which is good since having a godlike MC is kinda boring. 

      It's also good that we get to see what other people think of the mc; some see him as a strong person, while other see him as a weakling.

      The writing is good (I suck at writing, so this doesnt amount much)

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