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/ Series / Scarecrow in another world
Scarecrow in another world
Scarecrow in another world
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4.3 (81 ratings)
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"...Why are those scary-looking birds looking at me funny?"

Follow the peculiar adventures of an average schoolboy transported to another world, trying to survive the harsh life of an inanimate scarecrow in this new world filled with demons and magic.

Character Growth Dungeons Enemies Become Allies Fantasy World Game Elements Magic Non-human Protagonist Non-humanoid Protagonist Reincarnated as an Object Slaves Slow Growth at Start Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
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      Status: arc 3 – ch.35: transformation
      Jan 26, 2021

      Pretty good, the author also made a nice animation later on - gotta read to find out. Never expected to fall in love with the story about an emasculated bundle of twigs and hay. 

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      Status: arc 2 – ch.26: a step backwards
      Jan 17, 2021

      Best sh*t every, also my first lh with the MC being a object. 10/10 for some reason I can't give it 5 stars

      Edit. I started my own fiction because of this. And this is still good.

      Were getting into crusades arc and I love it.

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      Status: arc 3 – ch.50: market saturation
      Mar 15, 2021

      This, this is a work of art. A masterpiece even. The first arc can be slow and possibly boring at times, but the comedy keeps you there as the author keeps building up this interesting background. 

      And I've got to say, when I saw this I didn't expect an animation of a scarecrow pissing on himself and a scarecrow screaming at a large rat so much that, if my memory serves me right, it explodes. 

      Either way, read it. 

      I'm sorry if the above spoiled the story but I don't see it as spoiling it, but again. Sorry if it did. 

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      Status: chapter 31
      Oct 31, 2020

      Old review (arc 1) It's super slow. The author teases you with the ability to communicate but doesn't actually use it. Meanwhile there's a looming background threat of leaving the protagonist with 1 HP and blind most of the story.

      I hate it.

      New review (arc 2) It's picking up a bit. Interested to see where it is going.

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