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Lilies and Dragons
Lilies and Dragons
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4.6 (39 ratings)
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Two fates intertwined. Two women that shall shake the very foundation of the world.

Li Ling is the daughter of the venerable White Rose Sect's Sect Master. Yet her position is not as unassailable as it seems. Desiring nothing more than to live in a garden of lilies surrounded night and day by those she loves Ling will stop at nothing to achieve her peace. Whether it takes a veiled word, a drawn blade or the utter annihilation of all who stand in her way. Yet it is not only from the outside she faces opposition for her sadistic impulses may yet prove the greatest obstacle to her goals.

Song Suwan is a rogue cultivators seeking adventure and thrill. Booze, fights and women are what she chases. Free-spirited and unwilling to be bound she will travel the world to explore the finer things in life leaving a string of dalliances and passionate loves in her wake as she grows to rise like the dragon she truly is.

Two warriors, so different yet inexorably linked. Their actions both small and large shall shape each other's fates far more than they could ever know.


Story will be exclusively Yuri. Chapters will alternate between Suwan's side of the story and Ling's side of the story.

ActionAdventureEcchiGirls LoveHaremMartial ArtsRomanceSmutSupernatural
Acting Appearance Different from Actual Age Arrogant Characters Battle Competition BDSM Beautiful Female Lead Bloodlines Character Growth Childhood Friends Confident Protagonist Cruel Characters Cultivation Devoted Love Interests Fast Cultivation Genius Protagonist Harem-seeking Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Interconnected Storylines Master-Servant Relationship Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists R-18 Sexual Abuse Sexual Cultivation Technique Xianxia
Table of Contents 103
Reviews 2
Table of Contents
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    Status: ch 30

    Very great writing. I see almost no grammatical errors. The story, the characters and their backstories are also very interesting and unique. There could be a bit more worldbuilding but I dont feel the lack of it.

    Honestly I dont even  see this as a Smut story, I m genuinely interested in the development of it and the coming events. Although the fighting scenes felt a little lacking and I felt myself skipping lots of s*x scenes as there were a bit too many in my opinion.

    Anyways you're doing a great job author and this novel should be more popular considering the quality and quantity with already about 60 chapters. 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c78

    Love it! Good writing, nice smut, nice plot, interesting characters, what's not to like? A hidden gem, if I've ever seen one. I hope this story gets more fans.

    Keep up the good work❤️

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    2 Likes · Like
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