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/ Series / Shuttling Between the Two Worlds
Shuttling Between the Two Worlds
Shuttling Between the Two Worlds
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4.5 (31 ratings)
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A monotonous day for the many had started, but no one had expected this to happen.

Cracks appeared on the skies; lifeforms who came out of it can flip the heaven and earth in one hand. At the same time, many ancient heritages such as the Mage Towers, the ancient sects, and the demon killing exorcists appeared?!

Lugh Austere Bayer is just a normal student that got caught up in all of this, that is, before he got a mysterious thing called [Panel].

Thanks to it, he learned many things that he shouldn't. Regressor, his harem members with monstrous potential, the calamity that is approaching the world, and so on.

What the heck? Can I just go back to my usual life?!


Note: As it is my very first time writing, please do expect that I might make some newbie mistakes. Reviews are greatly appreciated!

Writing sched: 1 chapter/2 days

Cover art not Mine!

Accelerated Growth Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Cautious Protagonist Cultivation Game Elements Magic Magical Technology Overpowered Protagonist
Table of Contents 131
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    Status: c0

    I just happen to stumble on your novel. But anyways I'll give u 5 star wishing you good luck. A piece of advice as a veteran chinese novel reader; don't rush, a master piece is build step by step. Oh well I look forward to this novel!

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 26: Red Steelheart [3]

    It's a pretty good story in my opinion, really got my blood boiling at some parts.  The only problems I encountered in the story is that it just kinda went too fast at one point, but it seems to be slowing down now. MC is too focused though, I would very much like a few chapters here and there that just focuses on other characters (perhaps a POV chapter.). 4.5 stars

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c8

    So far so good. Has an interesting premise and a thought out (from what I can tell so far) system. MC doesn't seem too bad and the other characters, although some are barely introduced, seem to be interesting and am looking forward to how the MC will interact with the other characters, mostly the protagonist and his friend who is hiding stuff from him. Others should take the chance to read this if they have the time. Looking forward to the future chapters.

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