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/ Series / The education of the villain is in the hands of her aunt
The education of the villain is in the hands of her aunt
The education of the villain is in the hands of her aunt
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Rubiella Weinstein was the main villain of the romantic otome game «Trembling Hearts 2». Her parents abandoned her at the age of ten and sent her to a distant relative under the pretext of studying. Aunt Grace bullied her niece for almost eight years, and as a result, Rubiella became a villain, because of which the entire empire suffered. The aunt herself died at her hands in terrible agony.

It so happened that now Aunt Grace has become me, an ordinary player of this novel. And a child is about to be brought to me, whom I will have to turn into a villain.

But how can I offend this cute hamster?

In the end, I decided to take care of her so that in the future Rubiella would not get into the disassembly of the main characters and live a peaceful life.

I tried to take good care of my niece, but… Have I spoiled her too much?

«Ruby, it's going to be your eighteenth birthday soon, and you're leaving this house. What would you like to receive as a gift?»

«You, Aunt Grace.»

At one point, the cute hamster I was raising turned into a predatory beast.

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Abandoned Children Absent Parents Affair Aristocracy Beautiful Female Lead Charismatic Protagonist Childcare Clever Protagonist Cute Children Doting Love Interests Familial Love Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Guardian Relationship Hiding True Identity Incest Jealousy Love Interest Falls in Love First Otome Game Reincarnated into a Game World Romantic Subplot Slow Romance Transported into a Game World Yandere Younger Love Interests
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    Status: chapter 10. patron

    It's very rough.

    The very basics of the set up could work. Unfortunately it's very cluttered with lots of extra, and unnecessary things.

    There is a cludged in system for... some reason. It's some offshoot of the 'choice maker' system, oh and there's quests too?

    The MC is now the leader of a super powerful organization... so any tension is now gone.

    Basically, the idea isn't bad? The characters could be okay... but hardly worth the time to read even as short as it is.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 4

    The concept sounds really good but the execution fails in many places. For some reason the author uses this weird system of dashes and << >> symbols to denote dialogue but randomly changes which they're using and sometimes forgets them entirely. The dialogue itself is also pretty poorly written which, along with the confusing symbols, makes it incredibly difficult to follow a conversation. The entire thing is also packed full of grammatical errors which just compounds on everything else. If this got an editor it would easily go to 4 or 5 stars for me.

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    0 Likes · Like
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