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/ Series / Vice Captain of Straw Hat Pirates
Vice Captain of Straw Hat Pirates
Vice Captain of Straw Hat Pirates
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In the world of pirates, a young man reincarnates into a completely ordinary person's body. But coincidentally, he encounters Monkey D. Luffy.
Hungry for adventures but also scared of death, he joins the Straw Hat Pirates as the vice-captain.
Straw Hats will follow the same routes with a lot of new changes.
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    Status: luffy’s new move


    • MC presence is making actual impact. I've read a bunch of SI where they're basically just present without changing anything.
    • Strawhats are getting stronger because of him, some in original ways.
    • Writing can be very Oda esque.
    • The embracing of One Piece wacky anime logic. Eating heal you, etc.


    • The Crew and MC's bond. I enjoy that they are bonding, but it sometimes goes in wanking territory. It hasn't crossed any lines though.
    • MC's personality. Want to go on adventure. Casually comes up with good lies for his past. Obsessed with getting stronger. Protective over Crew. And that's all we know about his personality. He starts off a little annoying, but gets better. We need a little more to make him well rounded though.


    • Mc's Devil Fruit opens the door for Deus ex Machina. It hasn't happened yet, but I simply prefer powers with clearer limits and boundaries.

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    Status: strange problem

    It is a fairly mediocre but interesting concept adapted to the one piece story but poorly written. You're introduced to a character named Liam, with zero background, who enters the Straw Hat crew as they are starting their journey recruiting and voyaging the world. Sounds interesting right? Unfortunately, it is ruined by plot holes, events and characters popping out of nowhere with no explanation, poor character development and just cringey moments.

    The romance is horrible, should've never have been done in the first place or at least slowly transition it in but instead feels more like forced development that doesn't work well. 

    The devil power introduced to the character is not well thought out and feels like it was just put in to add something new to the MC. It also doesn't help that the grammar is so bad it's hard to understand what the functionality of the power is without having to read over the explanation a few times before your brain translates it to proper English.  The whole recovering and eating is interesting and I enjoyed it but that was it.

    I read this far because while the grammar was bad at least I could keep up with everything that was going on but at this point, it is clear no proofreading is being done BY THE FACT THAT CHARACTERS AND EVENTS JUST RANDOMLY POP OUT OF NOWHERE, this novel either teleports characters to other locations or during the middle of an action, the author does a mini timeskip of like 10-30 minutes later with no warning. Every time I end up double checking to see if I somehow skipped over something, like a sentence or paragraph but it's the authors writing that is only in their head and not on the chapter that I missed. I can't read minds, write details down and read over your work. The grammar has also gotten worse, wrong words are used at times like confusing power with powder, or he and she, it was still present early on but now it is so much worse.

    I gave this a 3 star but scribblehub is setting my reviews to 0 stars. Though it's more like 2.5/5 stars.

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    Status: losing devil fruit

    Boring story with MC following luffy around. No new or interesting changes to story. 

    MC also weak just training and fighting mobs. 

    I skip to devil fruit chapter and saw the abilities looks stupid. Feels like a plot armor fruit. If MC lucky get power up and become stronger than enemy. MC still need do normal training cause of useless fruit.

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