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/ Series / RE: Reality Smuggler (R-18)
RE: Reality Smuggler (R-18)
RE: Reality Smuggler (R-18)
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4.5 (98 ratings)
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A young man full of ambition finds himself in the possession of a dark artifact that can allow him to travel through different realities:

A post-apocalyptic futuristic world filled with genetically enhanced beautiful humans and man-eating monsters.
A Steampunk world filled with strange artifacts and wonders.
A world full of knights, wizards, and gods!
Perhaps even a world with a game-like system?

Watch as our protagonist embarks on a unique path, one that uses the advantage granted by the ability to smuggle things from world to world, granting him strength, power, wealth, and women ;)

Witness the rise of...
The Reality Smuggler!!!


Before you ask, this novel is purely a hobby, and I take no money from it. Sometimes, I might release several chaps a week, and other times, I might go missing for a month or two, so there is no set frequency for chaps.

Also, due to the recent piracy wave, I am now adding something to make future amazon readers know they were HAD. And hopefully, the chatgpt shit they use to edit won't find it. (Good god, those guys are sad)

On that note, I post a chapter as soon as it is ready, so there you have it.


AdultAdventureFantasyHaremHorrorMartial ArtsMysterySci-fiSmut
Alternate World Army Building Artifacts Artificial Intelligence Cheats Evil Gods Evolution Genetic Modifications Godly Powers Interdimensional Travel Magic Male Protagonist Mind Control Mutated Creatures Overpowered Protagonist Perverted Protagonist Poor to Rich Religions Selfish Protagonist Slaves Strong to Stronger Time Skip Weak to Strong World Hopping
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    Status: chapter 31 – a broken combination. parley.

    This is okay. English is probably not the author's first language and the prose isn't the best. Where it does shine is the author's creativity. He continually surprises me with the things he comes up with. So yh, this is no great work of literature and it's pretty basic in most regards for what it is, but if you're into the tags it has then it might be something to read if you're free.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 26 – saved by shoes

    The pacing is very good, there is little to no wasted text, though some parts may feel slightly rushed it is almost unnoticeable when accompanied by the very harried MC's POV, and the hectic, almost non-stop action.

    There are little to no typographical errors, syntax, grammar and spelling are all quite decent.

    There is one very minor continuity error, which is irrelevant, and easily missed or forgotten. Which may not be an actual error.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 6 – guns, enhancements, and cowardly...

    So far, im liking it, keep it going

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 26 – saved by shoes

    This is a great novel and I really enjoyed and binged it in one go, super pacing and enjoyable plot so far :)

    Thanks author and keep going, thanks for this nice novel

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    2 Likes · Like
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