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/ Series / The Disastrous Life of a Self-Proclaimed Heterosexual Girl
The Disastrous Life of a Self-Proclaimed Heterosexual Girl
The Disastrous Life of a Self-Proclaimed Heterosexual Girl
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Kris Alex de Nayale, a germaphobic, stoic, and loner straight girl, is just a normal girl with a normal college life.

... Or that should have been the case ...

"Kris, let's go out?"

"Alex! I found a c*ck-shaped rock!"

"F*ck you. You're coming with me."

"Miss De Nayale, come to the office with me now."

However, these girls who suddenly entered her dull life ruined her thoughts of a peaceful campus life ...

"Really, I just want to graduate in peace!"


Author: Hi! New author here! Hope you will like this story and please bear with me. Any constructive feedback is welcome!

Edit: Decided to changed the synopsis to make it less misleading.

ComedyGirls LoveRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Anti-social Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Bullying Calm Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Caring Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Charming Protagonist Childhood Friends College/University Comedic Undertone Female Protagonist Introverted Protagonist Slow Romance
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