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/ Series / Summoned to Another World Because the Summoner was Lonely
Summoned to Another World Because the Summoner was Lonely
Summoned to Another World Because the Summoner was Lonely
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4.1 (58 ratings)
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That flash of light, the feeling of being transported somewhere, the beautiful maiden standing before me? I can't believe it, I've been summoned to save another world!

"Actually, it's pretty peaceful here."

"What? No demon lord?"

"I already killed it."

"War among the nations?"

"The world's governments have been doing a pretty good job lately."

"Then why am I here?"

"...It's kind of been... Lonely..."

Warning: Adult content/R18 mainly with smut scenes.




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AdultComedyFantasyIsekaiRomanceSlice of LifeSmut
Average-looking Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Dragons Early Romance Easy Going Life Episodic Loli Loneliness Magic Male Protagonist Nudity R-18 Transported into Another World
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      Status: payback
      Jan 7, 2021

      this story is lame.  and I mean lame as f, but didnt want to sound as annoyed as I really am with it.

      so, its not a harem, but as of the latest chapter the MC has spent the majority of his time with girls basically un-fking-related to the story.

      the title would lead one to believe the story is about the female lead and her summon (mc) but you got all this side noise thats.. Detracting? Distracting? From.. What?  still dont know.  the author has made it blatantly clear this is not to be a typical isekai/hero story - there's no real purpose for this guy being here other than to solve fml's loneliness, but they're pretty much separated for over half the chapters now.

      "why?" you may ask.. World building? Character introduction? Plot development?  how about: N O N E   O F   T H E   A B O V E.  the MC goes from one house to another with people jerking him around "cuz reasons" and he doesnt even want to be there.   "comedy" I guess (?)   mind you, nothing actually funny has happened in this story once.  the princesses are annoying little c's, the loli is a sad sack of issues and secrets (?)   and anything else mentioned is literally background noise (the kingdom, the townspeople, the dragons) as none of it really has much to do with the MC at all except by coincidence.

      37 chapters and MC still doesnt even know if he wants to be in this place and at this point I completely agree.  except, unlike our unfortunate protagonist, I can pack up and go, effective immediately.

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      Status: secrets
      Jan 1, 2021

      It started out really good as a subversive parody of many JP isekai novels, then went baffling cliche to the point I don't know what I'm reading nor how to feel about it anymore.

      Imma be real for a sec – leaving aside the whole “she's a 1000 years old officer I swear, ” and the “im just takin a bath with a 12 y.o. but I ain't doin nothin officer I swear, ” plot points, which I know they'll be one of the biggest turn-offs of this series (and with good reason), I really like the author's writing style. It's clear, concise, sometimes witty but without trying too hard to be funny with the characters dropping wisecrack after wisecrack, and they make the characters feel like actual characters... for the most part... for an isekai novel.

      The description is exactly what the novel is about, it really is that straightforward at the beginning. Naturally, the plot moves on from the initial setting and quite quickly at that. After around 5 chapters you start to see that, rather than being just silly banter about the dude wanting to go back but the girl is cute and whatnot, it's more of a slice-of-life-ish exploration of this isekai and its inhabitants, which I personally think it's the right approach for this type of novel. 

      The characters, although few, are likable, and even if some have just a couple of lines of dialogue without much backstory to them, the interactions at least feel real, in the sense that they don't seem like NPCs whose purpose is to either antagonize the MC or make him look good.

      Without going into spoilers, I feel like the author backtracks a bit from that way of thinking about the story and its characters. There's cliche after cliche situation, which makes me think that they're just there as fanservice or as cheap drama to keep the audience on edge; unlike before, the author doesn't really try to solve them immediately with a witty subversion of the tropes, and that's my biggest issue with this novel. In other words, it simply didn't meet my expectations, I guess.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
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