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Heaven’s Chosen
Heaven’s Chosen
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A lonely young man found himself infatuated with the man who kept appearing in his dreams. Suddenly, he returned to the past. Trying and failing, he fell in love with a strong man who many feared. As he loved harder, he discovered the truth of his prophecy. What the Heaven's wanted of him meant the death of his lover, the Ghost King.
Will Ying Yue be able to kill the man he loves for the sake of balancing the world? Will he find another way to save him?
He soon felt the bed against his back, and he bounced against it. Wanting to get up, he felt breath near his face and his eyes widened.
His red veil was removed over his head and he was back to staring into silver eyes and pretty lips. That hand left featherlight touches down the side of his face and he swallowed the saliva building in his mouth. He felt his heart beating so loudly in the room, like the beating of the climax of a drum. The Ghost King leaned in closer, breathe against his lips and he felt his eyes flutter shut.
Nose glide softly over his cheek to his ear, before moving to smell the curve of his neck. A low hum was heard and he found his body ignited in flames.
“Please,” he whimpered quietly.
His entire body was shivering as if he had just been dunked into freezing water. He was graced with the inhumane face once more as those silver eyes searched his face. The longer the man looked, the more he wanted to hide himself again and never crawl out of it.
“You are my wife,” the Ghost King said, and it made the shivering even worse.

AdultBoys LoveFantasyMysteryRomanceSmutSupernaturalTragedy
Childhood Love Demons Forced Marriage Ghosts Heaven Marriage Mysterious Past Reincarnation Time Travel
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Table of Contents
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