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/ Series / The Untouchable Ice Queen
The Untouchable Ice Queen
The Untouchable Ice Queen
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Huang Liuxing is an orphan and is the leader of a gang of delinquents called the Black Crows. She is the world's biggest trouble maker. Despite being a girl, she always causes trouble and gets into a lot of fights along with her best friend Li Zhong. And earned the nickname: Crimson Butterfly.

When Liuxing gets into an argument with her foster father, she runs out of the house and accidentally trespasses on mafia territory. When she is held prisoner by the mafia, Liuxing beats up some of the guards and escapes pissing of the young mafia boss Gong Ou Zen and chases her keeping her prisoner once again.

"You have two choices; become my right-hand woman, or die."

"Since birth, I have always acted as a lone wolf. I was born to be a great leader, not some side bitch! I work for no one and I'll never be your underling even if it means death!"

This is a Romance novel between a young mafia boss and a deliquent girl!

Cute Children Delinquents Male Yandere Possessive Characters R-15 Slow Romance Stubborn Protagonist Tomboyish Female Lead Wealthy Characters
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Table of Contents
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