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/ Series / Hollywood Art: System of sunnys
Hollywood Art: System of sunnys
Hollywood Art: System of sunnys
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3.9 (20 ratings)
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What would you do if you had the chance to travel back in time? For the protagonist, Billy Carson, the day his father took him to see E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in the movie theaters, he realized that maybe he wasn't in a fuzzy dream and maybe he was in a life that sent him with a system of suns, an art system, that will allow him to make history above the masses.

this is my Patreon, I'm usually 20 chapters ahead, I hope you like this series, good day.

Disclaimer: Everything described in this series is science fiction.

AdventureFanfictionRomanceSci-fiSlice of Life
Artists Celebrities Level System Time Travel Transmigration
Table of Contents 333
  1. 335. Jerry Maguire14 hours ago
  2. 334. satisfaction14 hours ago
  3. 332. sort.Jul 21, 2024
  4. 331. followedJul 18, 2024
  5. 330. Offerings.Jul 17, 2024
  6. 328. ReunionJul 16, 2024
  7. 327. pocket monsters.Jul 15, 2024
  8. 326. bugs.Jul 14, 2024
  9. 325. offerJul 14, 2024
  10. 324. intimateJul 13, 2024
  11. 323. English patient.Jul 11, 2024
  12. 322. features.Jul 11, 2024
  13. 321. imprint.Jul 9, 2024
  14. 320. jealousy.Jul 8, 2024
  15. 319. phantom menace.Jul 7, 2024
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      Status: hollywood system

      I really like the story (especially with the mention of Yu Yu Hakusho). I give it 4 stars, but it could have been 5 stars. It's just that sometimes, it's difficult to follow who is speaking.

        The change of point of view can be confusing because there's no indication that it's a different POV.

       Furthermore, in certain chapters, the continuity with the previous chapter is missing, which gave me the impression of having skipped a chapter.

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: 130. great television series.

      I'm abandoning this series, billy personal life is not interesting, and the fun in most these histories is the reaction of people to the tech, films, comics, etc that the character introduce at the time. Since the history is just company building basically (with the MC comiting basic mistakes a lot of times about investiments, avoiding taxes, bad negotiations, etc) he only has sucess because of future knowlege about companies that will 100% work and beting. So not much of a fun story, dunno how I got so far... Also, a lot of mistakes in sentences and grammar.

      Also, sometimes when the autor changes the name of a program like yu yu hakusho he can't decide what name will stick in the story... And the system points are rarelly show and explained, so we don't really have a good idea about how impactiful each work is, etc.

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