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Shadow Princess
Shadow Princess
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To show ‘Her’ gratitude, Nuwa devoted her whole life as she acted as the body-double of Princess Liena.

Whenever there’s a chance of assassination attempt, Nuwa would be there for taking over Liena’s role. Her existence known to a very few within the royal palace and Princess Liena was the only one called “Nuwa” by real name.

One day, Princess Liena promised Nuwa that she’d set “Nuwa” free from this dual life after she gets married.

But deity planned something else!

One week before the wedding, someone badly stabbed Liena that her lifespan was coming to an end. In deathbed, she asked for Nuwa’s forgiveness that she can’t set ‘Her’ free to make this kingdom peaceful. So, now Nuwa has to marry Qiu Kingdom’s god-of-massacre, Emperor Qiu Feng Mian!

But how could she suppose to marry this tyranny, slaughter who didn’t even spare his own family’s life to ensure the throne!!!

What will happen when he realizes that, she’s not the real princess but an imposter, ‘A Shadow’!

Can she really take Princess Liena’s burden of friendship by accepting him as her husband to fulfill her promise or will she escape?

What is her destiny!?!

AdventureComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalMartial ArtsMysteryRomanceTragedy
Adopted Protagonist Age Progression Ancient China Arranged Marriage Assassins Beautiful Female Lead Black Belly Body-double Bodyguards Brother Complex Character Growth Child Abuse Doting Parents Empires Female Protagonist Flashbacks Generals Heterochromia Hiding True Identity Multiple Protagonists Orphans Sister Complex Tragic Past Twins
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      Status: c22
      Apr 7, 2019

      I like how this novel is developing, the MC live in the streets is heartbreaking and evem if she is tought and can take care of herself, she is still a child who can cry and feel fear. The princess too is a gentle person, naive and weak but still can demostrated a strong will. The emperor and the Queen, seems like nice person but I want to know more about the prophecie that the emperor mention.

      There is still no much hints about the misteries and what way will tske the novel.

      Till now there no mary sue or OP character (maybe the general son is a little OP... But they way the authir described him, you don't know if you wan't to hate him and punch him in the face or punch him in the face but still give him another chance).

      I will give 5 stars because I like the plot and how the characters feels humans. I will not said anything about the writting because english is not my strong, but I can say that you can read and understand without feeking an headache.

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