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/ Series / The Story of a Boy Who Was Reincarnated in a Harem Romcom Manga
The Story of a Boy Who Was Reincarnated in a Harem Romcom Manga
The Story of a Boy Who Was Reincarnated in a Harem Romcom Manga
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4.6 (42 ratings)
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The observations of a self-proclaimed "mob" character that was reincarnated into a Rom-Com manga. He was neither the protagonist, nor his best friend. An actual background character not involved in the main plot of the manga.
And while he was not trying to get involved with them, alas, things never went his way.

ComedyDramaHaremIsekaiRomanceSchool Life
Beautiful Female Lead Bickering Couple Carefree Protagonist Childhood Love Clingy Lover Cold Love Interests Fourth Wall Handsome Male Lead Heartwarming Low-key Protagonist Male Protagonist Multiple POV Popular Love Interests Possession Reincarnated into Another World Ruthless Protagonist
Table of Contents 26
Reviews 7
Table of Contents
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    Status: ch 19 – chiaki inoue

    Admittedly, I don't read much rom-com. But this is the best rom-com I've read on this site. The same cliché plots and characters, but the way the author describes their appearances and emotional roller coasters make them feel real, and that's what pulled me in. The plot needs a bit of improvement, but overall a strong 4.5 out of 5 for me.

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    Status: ch 23 – say ah~

    It's fun to read when you are bored, or if you like those kinds of romantic, wholesome, humorous, light stories.

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    Status: c7

    I'm not rating because for one this isn't my type of genre of story and second there is only like 30k words total so maybe the entire story shifts to something else but review is my impression (s) of the first 7 chapter so take that with a pinch of salt.

    So as I alluded to above I don't really enjoy these types of stories but the parody aspect made give it a chance. To say shortly, it's not a parody, it's more of a typical romcom harem fakeout, "you thought that guy was the protagonist?! This unassuming side character actually is!" I don't know about others but I've read quite a lot of these "fake out" stories and they usually just become exactly what they were parodying in the first place. It's not inherently bad, just misleading, and not a mysterious fun way.

    Parody aside the first romantic interest, Mei iirc, is quite literally the "I'm not like other girls" trope. Which is true because she's super asocial and or on the spectrum. Again not inherently bad, just not anything well done to separate her personality from the Tropes that construct her characterization. Making it hard for me to connect to her at all because I could do was imagine the "I'm not like other girls" memes when she is mentioned.

    Third biggest impression for this story left me is that the author emulates a ton of  Japanese novels' lingo and grammar. Which is to say, extremely awkward in English. Idk if the author not a fluent speaker but the grammar brings down the entire story down immersively in English. The most exciting part of the story (of 7 chapters) is the kidnapping chase but the awkward language just kept me out of any enjoyment because of weird phrases and narratives.

    To sum up, if this type of story isn't your usual, its not bad, just not good. If this is the sort of stories you'd enjoy, its pretty par for course but could evolve into something more.

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    Status: ch 21 – something is wrong with...

    This story is definitely one worth reading I think.

    The pairings feel justified in how they develop and even if it goes real fast at times, it keeps up with it's own pace well.

    Would highly recommend for binging and a fav.

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    Status: c0

    Personally, I approached this novel to burn time and read something in which I found something good, thinking that it would be another one of the type where the MC steals the heroines from the "protagonist", but I was pleasantly surprised with the path he decided bring the author since it is not normal in this type of stories. I can only say that although I see that there are parts that could have been studied in more depth, the author is doing a good job and it is good that he turns to his readers to correct the mistakes he could have made, I hope he continues like this and manages to write a worthy novel.

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    Status: chapter 12

    One of the best romcom novel I have ever read in terms of just being pure wholesome and heartwarming

    The best thing about this novel is actually the MC, he has such a fresh personality to the genre

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    Status: c8

    Writing in hope that it turns out to be a good single romance novel rather then the of dozens of mob MC in manga world who steals heroines and gets harem novels we already have.

    Author san hope u keep it unique will edit this review if novels gets better

    It's getting better boies hope it remains a single romance rather then a harem plz author san

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