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Male Dryad
Male Dryad
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Alan Stephen was a normal man. One day he died, he and several other people. Everyone besides him reincarnated as humans... But he was lucky (or unlucky) to be reborn as a Dryad! A forest spirit that lives until his tree lives, so Alan can live for a long time...

[I don't own the image. I just found it on the internet and edited it.
Here's the link for the original:]

Alchemy Antihero Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age Calm Protagonist Crafting Determined Protagonist Elemental Magic Flashbacks Hard-Working Protagonist Humanoid Protagonist Level System Magic Male Protagonist Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Sudden Strength Gain Time Skip World Tree
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    Status: 13: registration

    Really good isekai. I have a feeling this will be a classic, it offers new ideas while keeping the tried and tested parts of the genre.

    Ps. There are not grindy or cringe chapters. It is pure distilled otherworldly goodness

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    its like someone read "Tree of Aeons" and was like oh you know what would make this story better? Adding every isekai cliche ever!

    ok to be fair im not against copied ideas or cliches, but this story is so poorly written that the copied ideas and cliches make so I have nothing else to look forward too. 


    ok so the story starts with a 125 year timeskip that make him instantly a god. To clarify im not against OP but the MC doesnt deserve it. He has all the power and none of the wisdom gained from getting to that lvl and its a little frustrating. Did I also mention that he remembers none of that time even tho he has killed one of everything by this point. You might think we are getting a mystery of who and what could take the memory of a god tree, nope! The memory is stored somewhere where he has easy access to it and its causing absolutely no stress that he forgotten his entire life and doesn't suffer from imposter syndrome at all! 

    ugh this story has no direction. He even signs up to be an adventure instead of just revealing himself??? Than whats was the point of making him a god tree thing?! Why didn't the story just start him off as a rookie treefolk adventurer?


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