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/ Series / The Young Master is the Last Villain
The Young Master is the Last Villain
The Young Master is the Last Villain
15.3k Views 378 Favorites 49 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 216 Readers
3.7 (15 ratings)
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Maximus was the protagonist, yet he died before he could surpass the 9th Tribulation and reincarnated in the young body of his mortal enemy.

But, he has already planned for his fall. The problem? he does not remember it.

Join him on his journey to get his memories back and save everything he lost in his last life.

The Heavens have been breached, and the System will control everything.

'At least I got here by helicopter-kun and missile-kun, rather than truck-kun. That would have been embarrassing,' he thought with a snicker, but he soon stopped as a sudden realization flashed across his face. 

'Why the hell did that sound like something my eighteen-year-old self would have said!?' He remembered that he became emotionless due to the continuous loss of friends around him by the time he became General. 


Release Schedule: 7 Chapters a week;

What to Expect:
System - Check
Heavens / Cultivation - Check
Anti Hero - Double-Check
Beauties - Many
Drama - Full On
Killing/Death - Only of Enemies

The Harem is actually a Slow burner. I don't want to add a new girl every arc that you forget about most of them by chapter 200 or something.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHaremLitRPGMartial ArtsRomanceSlice of Life
Accelerated Growth Antihero Protagonist Army Building Artifacts Body Tempering Clan Building Cultivation Dao Comprehension Daoism Empires Fallen Nobility Fast Cultivation Heavenly Tribulation Immortals Imperial Harem Level System Male Protagonist Modern Fantasy Mysterious Family Background Power Struggle Ruthless Protagonist Scheming Shameless Protagonist Wuxia Xianxia
Table of Contents 49
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Table of Contents
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