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571.6k Views 4834 Favorites 110 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1947 Readers 7 Reviews 145.7k Words Apr 18, 2021 Liampark
Sam Serra was your typical loser. But somehow, he caught the attention of the most popular and gorgeous girl in school, which ultimately caused his death. ... more>>
414.8k Views 14750 Favorites 180 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1424 Readers 10 Reviews 260.7k Words Jul 7, 2023 GodOfFreedom
Dying painfully and in despair, Elijah Frost wakes up in a new reality, where he finally got the chance he had been denied before. Using his unique gift, he plans to wander the galaxy, as he enjoys the freedom his power grants him.... more>>
380.6k Views 9959 Favorites 72 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1738 Readers 2 Reviews 165.6k Words Dec 26, 2022 dvelasquez
What would happen to a guy that died out of rage while in a Guild War?... more>>
277.1k Views 2387 Favorites 61 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1182 Readers 4 Reviews 128.1k Words Dec 16, 2022 Formanaga
English is not my first language so please take care of me and if you find mistakes in it tell me I fix it as soon as possible.... more>>
240.2k Views 5013 Favorites 244 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 437 Readers 4 Reviews 300.7k Words Oct 6, 2022 kraza5505
Reborn in Marvel World, Ye Bai just wanted to be a quiet copywriter at first. I just want to spend my life with my lovely wife Hela every day, but there are always troubles that keep coming to the door.... more>>
180.6k Views 4528 Favorites 94 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 988 Readers 2 Reviews 101.8k Words Aug 11, 2023 ASHARA
I had a shitty life, like the rest of the 7 Billion people on this miserable planet. But I was finally achieving my dreams, I was finally getting what I wanted. But what's that in the air?
Now I'm in Harry Potter? Why the Hell are my eyes so attractive?... more>>
147.1k Views 2911 Favorites 244 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 584 Readers 0 Reviews 363.9k Words Apr 20, 2022 Nonameavailable - Discord - Instagram... more>>
135.2k Views 1642 Favorites 51 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 451 Readers 4 Reviews 143.5k Words Feb 14, 2021 jkjkodath
What happens when you suddenly get dropped into a galaxy far far away. You have a few god given gifts , how will you use them.... more>>
124.5k Views 3987 Favorites 240 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 367 Readers 2 Reviews 316.7k Words Mar 26, 2023 Inferno303
This is the story of a kitten that acquired druid spells from another world and the wizards mistook it for an animagus.... more>>
62.2k Views 1905 Favorites 63 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 258 Readers 1 Reviews 130.6k Words Apr 28, 2022 Saintbarbido
Brian is a simple guy. When he dies and gets reincarnated...he suddenly finds himself with options. He could do... anything and be anyone. Pursue greatness rather than being contented with what society offered him.... more>>
42.7k Views 1307 Favorites 67 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 313 Readers 0 Reviews 94.1k Words Apr 15, 2023 Zubuwu
Transmigrated into the body of a young teenager who had just moved to the small town of Forks, Ethan discovered that there were much darker things he had no idea about.... more>>
39.1k Views 918 Favorites 51 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 294 Readers 1 Reviews 52k Words Jun 3, 2023 souryourer
(Protagonist is not harry potter)... more>>
35.9k Views 1484 Favorites 32 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 318 Readers 1 Reviews 36.6k Words Feb 6, 2023 NunuXD
Apollo transmigrated as a boy about to graduate from the university of gods.... more>>
23.7k Views 241 Favorites 51 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 195 Readers 1 Reviews 42k Words Aug 5, 2021 JustWriYet
In a twist of fate, Harry Potter finds himself saved from the killing curse by a charm that gave him memories from a man from another world. A man who knew about wizards and magic before he did, and holds the secrets of his world in his head. He grows up with the talent of a grown wizard, the love of a mother, and the many mysteries of the wizarding world hidden within a voice that was ever present in his mind. But his world turns on it’s head as he discovers that the other owner of the voice was Lord Voldemort himself, and he now had all the knowledge he needed to enslave the... more>>
21.5k Views 469 Favorites 50 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 121 Readers 1 Reviews 53.3k Words Aug 24, 2022 Lazyseeker
Zeke travels through the parallel worlds and activates the Marvel Technology System!... more>>
16.4k Views 286 Favorites 50 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 103 Readers 0 Reviews 56.5k Words Dec 5, 2022 Silangbry
An unknown entity waved the supposedly limb-looking arm, knocking unconscious a fated but unfateful person sending him to an unknown space and time, dreaming about... more>>
16.2k Views 602 Favorites 31 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 159 Readers 1 Reviews 65.7k Words Mar 25, 2023 Shadow7Blue
You can read this Fanfic also in: more>>
12.2k Views 232 Favorites 40 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 106 Readers 0 Reviews 44k Words Mar 18, 2023 Abyssuit
It's a common desire for people to want to experience transmigration at least once in their lifetime.... more>>
12k Views 325 Favorites 36 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 165 Readers 0 Reviews 45.3k Words Oct 2, 2022 Ashgod7
The so-called nobility is not only a symbol of privilege but also a symbol of our responsibility. Remember, my child, whenever you want to claim a privilege, you need to think about whether you have undertaken the corresponding ... more>>
10k Views 104 Favorites 13 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 111 Readers 0 Reviews 22.9k Words Mar 15, 2021 ieatwood
This is the story of a man reborn in the world of Marvel. ... more>>
9.7k Views 25 Favorites 8 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 55 Readers 0 Reviews 7.9k Words Jan 27, 2021 ryangrant
When autobot Bumblebee lands on Earth and is discovered by teenager Charlie Watson, she is in for a rude awakening as she becomes the most... more>>
9.5k Views 102 Favorites 37 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 203 Readers 1 Reviews 51.7k Words Jun 30, 2023 killwrites
An all-expenses-paid trip across an Empire, fully sponsored by the King? Comes with a first-class ticket on board the Orient Express? And a murder case to solve in your free time?! What kind of isekai travel package is this??... more>>
9.3k Views 83 Favorites 34 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 102 Readers 0 Reviews 39.2k Words Sep 20, 2022 Inferno303
"One more time! This time I must get the animagus spell from Professor McGonagall!"... more>>
9.2k Views 301 Favorites 15 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 154 Readers 0 Reviews 17.9k Words Oct 20, 2023 EdwardJPrath
Roland Cooper has been transmigrated into the Marvel universe. Luckily he has a template system to help him.
MCU with custom X-Men plot interspersed.
Writing goal is 1k words (but I usually go over) every other day.
Story is fast-paced so far, though I’m hoping it’ll slow down when I get into movie details.
This is being cross posted under my name on other sites.
I do not claim ownership of the logo nor most characters in this novel. If there is an issue please message me.... more>>
8.4k Views 163 Favorites 29 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 107 Readers 0 Reviews 37k Words Jun 28, 2023 mamun20
Born into a family of deities, with a father who was the King of the Gods and a great queen mother, this daughter was destined... more>>